Match Summary

Robur Siena AC Milan
Creating chances through individual skill
Creating scoring chances
Finishing scoring chances
Creating long shot opportunities
Attacking set pieces
Avoiding offside
Keeping possession of the ball
Avoiding fouling in dangerous areas
Play with width
Control the game in the opposition's half
Attacking down the left
Take long shots
Attempt crosses often
Attack through the middle
Long balls
Possession football
Attempt crosses often

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Positional Report

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Comments (4)

  • Nocerino is terrible this season. handing opponents free crossing chances, unbelieveable.. Forza Milan! El & Pazzo will come in.

  • Forza!

  • My prediction: 0-2

  • "Milan's owner Berlusconi stated that Allegri will be Roma's coach next season, and that the announcement will be made just after the match." :D Hey c'mon, Silvio was only joking there...