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  • Arsenal were poor second half and the substitutions didn't help. Gervinho, Podolski and Ramsey didn't seem to know where they were meant to be on the field. It made for very nervy watching and we were lucky to hang on.

  • Seemed like the Arsenal midfield got overrun in the second half. Little Cazorla was having a tough time. Something to watch out for. This is one reason I like Ox on the wing - he can pitch in with some defensive work/possession battles.

  • Daddy: Thanks to acknowledge that, but it is normal that you don't know very well Montpellier... In France, last season, no one expected them to finish champion. Anyhow, I have the confirmed feeling that Arsenal have changed their style... They look more defensive now (OK, not against Southampton, but it was a very weak side); I think it is due to the impact of Steve Bould. We could see today that our defense was well organized, with a high defensive line, that was one of the keys of our victory (I am for Arsenal). But, in the meantime, we seem to allow much more our opponents to keep the ball, which is unbearable.

  • Thypot: They did look good in the second half, but I feel Arsenal did not do enough to finish them off. I was impressed by a few of their players though. Ur right they did seem good.

  • Daddy: I followed the French championship last year... Montpellier are a good side. A draw would not have been unfair for the home side... Pityful second half for Arsenal!

  • 1-1

  • Montpellier won Ligue 1 last year because they led the league in GA. According to this website's rating system, Hilton, Yanga-Mbiwa, and Bedimo all played well. Maybe they'll stymie Arsenal and pull out a 1-1?

  • Hope Giroud will score his first, second, and third tonight. 3-0 for Arsenal with no doubt.

  • 0-3!

  • @Thypot

  • @ Are you serious?? Montpellier are currently 16th in Ligue 1!

  • Not so easy for Arsenal! Draw.

  • Montpellier have some good players (looking forward to seeing Cabella and Belhanda and I'm sure Wenger will have a close eye on them) but Arsenal have too much quality. Win by a 2-goal margin

  • 2-0 Arsenal win

  • Wow, didn't realise montpellier were doing quite so badly without giroud. easy arsenal win

  • @Armando. I agree, especially on the form they are on this season. Arsenal will walk it. Giroud to get his first goal!

  • Montpellier is not the team who can cause problems to Arsenal. Easy win for Arsenal.