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  • @may4seven it's the funny thing about CL. every year a lot of people tell you it's even better than last year. wonder where this is going... by the way...last CL-season Munich lost against Basel and ManCity, only played draw against Napoli and ended up where? I think it's the same season someone played 1-1 against Valencia and won the cup.

  • If City wins, MVP should go to Silva, but if we have tie... Ronaldo played well + referee didn't give him few obviously free kicks, especially when he ran through 4 City defenders.

  • U got to be kidding..Ronaldo top of the match??Its obvious we were watching a different game!!Pepe top of the match without a doubt

  • yeah,,, @Burgersburke you have no idea with the football deal.. it's not only a goal.. ronaldo gives a lot contributes for his team n teammate

  • @Burgersburke - Ronaldo played 5 key passes, completed 5 dribbles, fouled 6 times, high passing accuracy. Being an attacker is about more than just goals. It's about how you link with the other players and the opportunities or openings you create for them. I come on this site because it provides great statistical analysis of performance. Rather than saying 'what game where you watching' perhaps you should understand the game better yourself and learn to read to understand why he is considered man of the match here.

  • Ronaldo Star man? What game were you watching? He was really poor tonight. Worst he's played all season!

  • Maybe not really weak, but his definitely not on the top. Although this group was really really strong - Real is top2 on the world, Borussia have great coach with vision and very good, young players and TEAM. Even Ajax is not random team, they have few very well players, so from beginning City have hard work to do.

  • wgscheve - city have a really strong team but a REALLY WEAK coach.. may7even - actually no... I think the tournament is too diluted..

  • anyone else agree with me that this season's champions league football has been the best ever. Celtic beat Barcelona, Chelsea are on the brink of elimination, real Madrid aren't having good times and Bayern Munich could only draw against 10 men Valencia

  • i would love for this group to go down to the last match day like the juve chelsea group

  • kelevra, they don't have a reputation. Only money :P I don't like City, but I like players, who play for them. Aguero, Yaya, can beat Real, and group become more interesting.

  • This is gona be a hell of a predictions sit back and ENJOY!

  • I want Benzema's hattrick.

  • C. ronaldo 2goals or moregoals in this match

  • kelevra i think Mancity 0 3 realmadrid

  • personally i dont think city is strong enough this year and i believe that real madrid is starting to find their form. i predict 3-1 real madrid win in manchester. premier league is vastly overrated, most english speakers dont know as much about other leagues compared to the epl which is why they are surprised when city loses to ajax and dortmund, chelsea is getting beat by juve and shaktar, and arsenal are being outplayed by the dominant shalke. man u would be having a more difficult time if they werent in a weak group, but they still are probably the strongest team in england right now. nonetheless, barca and madrid are the 2 best teams in the world right now, city were fortunate in the bernabau i dont think they will be as fortunate at home. esspecially considering that they have already been out played at home by dormund and ajax

  • everything can happens. City has nothing to lose but his reputation. Real Madrid has everything to lose, for them qualification is imperative.

  • over 2.5