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  • LOL if ur team loses it is because the coach doesn't prioritize winning the most prestigious club tournament in the world. interesting...

  • @legendaryloner Well said !! @oleksandros , Shame on you!! give due credit

  • the english always need to taste the wrath of a good team..only then do they admit that the team is good.Eg. Dortmund this year

  • We know Mancini doesn't prioritise European play, we know Dortmund is a well put together team. These two things favour a German victory, however City is a team of great individualists who can in a moment of magic turn things around. It's that unpredictability of City which keeps me on the fence about this game. I don't dare put any money, any whichever way.

  • B. Dortmund Bavarian?

  • Hard to tell the line ups in this one but if the reverse fixture was anything to go by it should be a home win

  • B.Dortmund will win this one easily, M.City has good players, but they have no team to match the migth of the Bavarian team. B.Dortmund despite of not being as good in bundesligue as it would be expected, they are really good in Champions League. And palying @ home, with M.United going to City ground in a couple days, the'll have the advantage. 2-1 or 3-1 Dortmund wins.

  • Mancini says he has no interest to play Europa League because it plays on Thursday.

  • dortmund are too good for City, we saw it last time. 2-0

  • Dortmund = better team

  • City may also rest some players for the Manchester derby.