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Comments (6)

  • @Yulva : you're probably rigth, but i cant see R.Madrid loosing this game to Ajax. But footbal is full of suprises :D

  • @Reab: My dream is folded into two: if he fails both in the Champions League and in La Liga, there will probably be a chance of him getting disposed of.

  • While there's hope you can all keep dreaming. @Spuds even if ajax looses M.city has to win in Dortmund,which i doubt, and as for Ajax winning in Barnabeu, seems pretty dificult. My guess is easy win to Real Madrid, and im sorry to say Yulva, Mou will keep is job in R. Madrid :P .Even if he looses.

  • @spuds: I hope Ajax somehow manage to win this so Mourinho is out of Real.

  • of the Europa league, that is

  • I hope Ajax somehow manage to win this so City are definitely out