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  • Great performence Juve! Finally luck exhaust. Welcome in Europa League! And Di Matteo fired - most of people says, that's only excuse for Abramowicz, but Supercup, Communnity Shield, poor performence in CL... Only Premier League was good for Chelsea, so it's not big suprise.

  • terrible decision by Cech

  • what about Lichsteiner post ?

  • woahhh just came across again and find out buffon recorded no One to One save ? what did he saved against hazard then ? :S

  • rape is legal in italy

  • So that UCL win was a fluke !!

  • LOL at may7even

  • finally both our strikers had over 70% pass accuracy! thats key in the final third, thanks god..And now we have giovinco and Isla fresh for Milan. Perfect match today

  • you should stop underestimating certain team, may7even.

  • Chelsea will win this one. it won't be even close

  • Draw. Don't juve have a crazy record of drawing loads of European games recently? 1-1

  • Another great game. Fancy Chelsea to go through.

  • Tricky affair that could go either way. Here is hoping Juve find a way to win. Go Juve!

  • Don't see Chelsea getting a result in Turin. Pressure will begin to mount on RDM

  • Juventus will win 1-0 ;)

  • Why are you all certain about Juve winning this? Don't be fooled, Chelsea will take at least a draw

  • juventus 3 0 chelsea

  • Both teams have forwards that are not able to score. The match will be decided, in a way or in another, by midfielders.

  • 3+

  • Juventus have been playing much better football since losing to Inter, even their last draw which ended in a draw they played great football, so I am expecting Juventus to win this one

  • Juve have to win,,, hope so

  • mark my words chelsea will win this one