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  • lol 10 valencia > 11 bavaria

  • I'll pick the draw

  • Definitely don't see Valencia winning this one...

  • Ribéry 2-0 Valencia.

  • @daim Bayern also have a superior squad to BATE Borisov, but lost 3-1 there. Valencia's home form is incredible compared to their really poor away form. Agree, Valencia probably won't win, but you are severely underestimating them

  • valencia 1 0bayern

  • Prediction is a joke!??! Just look at the team and the situation in the group. Of course it´s a win for Munich

  • @yulva you're right. valencia is a good team and should not be underestimated. thats why i tipped 3:1 and not 3:0 for bayern :P predictions arent there for entertainment. they should be based on facts. and fact is: bayern has the superior squad and i'm sure they are eager to earn a convincing win after that disapointing draw against nuremberg.

  • First, Bayern certainly have a better squad, but they did have games in which they weren't impressive at all. Second, Valencia are not a team to be underestimated. @daim: I happen to disagree with the prediction, but also find it plausible; since predictions that anticipate wins in countenance of favorite teams are very monotonous, boring to read and doomed to fail.

  • the prediction is a joke... i'll give you a better one: 3:1 for bayern