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  • Thiago will be MVP

  • i know bench means they are not playing :)

  • not today,Barça is playing with the second team...

  • Victor Valdés, Gerard Piqué, Sergio Busquets and Messi are starting on the bench

  • Messi's record breaking match is right here.

  • Barça will win this easy. Benfica has an ofensive team, but weak midfield players, and slow defenders. As this is Champions League there will be no "favours" from referee, so im sure barça will win this one easy. 3-1 or 4-1. Messi to score at least 2 goals.

  • barca lose 0-1

  • Messi WILL break the record tomorrow, i think he'll score 2. My score FCB 4 - 2 Benfica

  • lol messi is going to go off for 3

  • 1-1 :d