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Comments (6)

  • Defense was quite solid. Agger and Skrtel on form, Wisdom showing mature movement and decision-making. Assaidi was quite entertaining, very good dribbling and knows how to use his bod y to pass defenders. Although the squad selection was 'controversial'. Why would Rodgers field such a strong team where All Agger, Gerrard and Suarez play 90 minutes knowing that Liverpool face Everton next. Part of Rodgers's plan worked, we'll have to wait and see what happens against Everton in the Derby. Gerrard and Suarez played terrible against Arsenal when they played against Hearts in the same week, that's an example. We shall see.

  • I don't think our Def. will hold up to Anzhi's attacking corp. prolly gonna be high scoring hopefully for both sides but definitely Anzhi

  • Are there any sites who predict number of corners or number of cards in matches :D

  • Dunno about corners but Anzhi to draw or win does make sense.

  • What about Number of Corners in this Game 10,5 Over or Under ??

  • Anzhi's odds are definitely worth a go. Liverpool will be weak and have an eye on Everton at the weekend.