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  • Interesting, Gibbs's volley is a replica to Podolski goal against Montpellier, and in both cases Giroud assists... And both these goals are types of goals v. Persie impressed with last season (Everton, Liverpool) after Song's assists. Check the images: cs307711.userapi.com/v307711584/7736/hCDxVIIYpJU.jpg, cs307711.userapi.com/v307711584/772f/0r5BXAwrTYw.jpg, cs307711.userapi.com/v307711584/773d/M1AtNbi3U30.jpg, cs307711.userapi.com/v307711584/7745/uIfO1-Gt77Q.jpg.

  • Arsenal's inability to protect the lead is driving me nuts

  • Arsenal doensn't have the most important thing in football - balls.

  • I don't get Wenger. It's clear that putting Ramsey as a winger just doesn't work. Giroud, apart from his assist, has been terrible all game and Cazorla couldn't get anything done. Swansea weren't that secure defensively, I feel like Rosicky could've made a difference here. Even though Mertesacker has been getting some praise this season, when it comes down to it, he's not a good defender. Big liability every time Swansea attacked, and Michu's goal was no doubt following his mistake.

  • They don't do it for fa cup

  • thy lazy i think,,..

  • any idea why the match centre is not appearing?

  • A bit disappointing how these previews are created with a minimum amount of preparation and research on a regular basis. Fortunately there are other way more useful features on this site. Still, quite disappointing..

  • Match Forecast Arenal will score as a result of Individual skill - Extremely Likely Arsenal will control the game in the opposition's half - Very Likely

  • Hope Swansea wins.