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  • dortmund without hummels, kehl & blaszczykowski from beginn, with santana is bad so the 0:1 is a good result for dortmund.

  • I really enjoy watching Bundesliga now. Most entertaining league currently...

  • Nitpicking but LeChiffre below called Ribery a 'breakout' player? What?

  • it was a bug!!! now live is back again!

  • why there's no live coverage???

  • no preview, no live =/

  • No Hummels tonight, bayern win 3-1

  • whoscored is a joke, even France FA Cup has preview and nothing in this match?

  • preview?????????????????????

  • no preview??? serious?

  • no preview?

  • These two teams are evenly matched; the only reason why Bayern is so far ahead in the domestic league is because they are having a phenomenal season and dortmund are far too inconsistent. But if you look at their previous match it was so tight it finished 1-1 and dortmund were pressing like crazy when Bayern scored. Im surprised so many of you are saying this will be a blowout win for Bayern considering their breakout player of the season, Ribery, won't be playing. Dortmund on the other hand have to give it all considering the league is out of reach so i wouldn't be surprised if they snatch a draw or even a win. 1-2 or 1-1 is my guess.

  • i hope 3:5 i think 3:1

  • its 50/50 no team is better both can win. Ribery is one player on the field are 22 in riberys strenght.

  • I'm almost sure Bayern is gonna win this match. If that's not the case, this will be Ribery's fault. That red card was SOO unnecesary.

  • dortmund won