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  • @wawa, the lineup isn't right indeed, but yours isn't either. Walcott was the striker, Wilshere CDM behind Cazorla CAM, Podolski on the left and Ramsey on the right, but actually he more or less was given the task to shut the right and Schweinsteiger down.

  • the positions are wrong. wilshere played MC, ramsey DMC, cazorla AMC, walcott AMR & podolski FW

  • Perhaps is time to sack wenger? yes we cannot deny his brilliant effort by leading the team into top 4 for the past few years, but a team like arsenal should be really challenging for titles and cups. Either he change his managing style or get the axe

  • i predict a 3:0 for bayern and maybe a goal by podolski. 1. Bundesliga vs 5. Premier League is boring.

  • and people consider them to be world class because they hardly know anything about football other than the premier league

  • i was just making the analysis that arsenal are considered world class by many even though they are now a second tier club

  • lorl..neuer error lead to goal??ahaha 1st time in the season..

  • The match report tells the story - Bayern played down the right 51% of the time - a massive number. Lahm raped and pillaged the Arsenal left. Also Arsenal suffered without a target man. Bayern too cautious and disciplined to be beat over the top (easily) by Walcott.

  • Terrible call by the ref on that corner, but the better team won the game anyway.

  • ott vaaaaaaaaaaaaaan BAYEEEEEEEEEEEEEERN:)))

  • Herman ze German

  • so boring

  • @wgscheve Bayern beating Arsenal says little about the premier league as a whole because they aren't even in the top 4 at the moment. @ MrSchnabel Beating Arsenal does not prove Bayern is only behind Barca because like I said above, Arsenal are not even the best team in the Premier League so beating them proves nothing.

  • Zi Germans dominating currently...

  • @wgscheve Bayern winning, even comfortably, would only prove they are a wordclass club, only behind Barca atm.

  • im just waiting for bayern to show the world just how overrated the EPL is

  • 3-0 for Bavaria !

  • I got the feeling that tonight, Ribery is going to destroy Arsenal

  • 1-1 or 2-2 I think Ramsey will start instead of Giroud.

  • Shock win 2-0 arsenal, Giroud to get brace.

  • germantorp! jó ebben félig igazat adok de ekkora külnbség nincs kettőjük közt és akkor nézzüka többi játékost...pl Ribery és Podolski? na mind1 este remélem nyerünk!!HAJRÁ BAYERN!!!!

  • 0-2 Bayern

  • thats why you top the group-avoid powerhouse

  • No doubt the game of the day. Arsenal is a strong team playing at home, the 2 recent meeting between these sides saw Arsenal wining 1 game and drawing another. B.Munich is in great form away from home for the league, but in CL the won one game away in 3 played a draw in this match with goals, 1-1 wouldn´t come has a suprise. Both teams are great football teams and used to these great games. Hope its a good game and may the best team wins!

  • 2-0

  • @k_litox lol fifa 13/PES 13 simulations...

  • toto01! szerintem az értékelsé alapvetően amiatt mutat furcsaságot a két kapus esetében, hogy 1: csak a bl-t nézi, 2: szeszinek valószínűleg sokkal több védeni valója volt a meccsek során, mint neuernek. több gólt kapott, de többet is védett.

  • I run a lot of Fifa 13/PES 13 simulations and look at the Statistics...Alaba is Bayern weak side...so one goal could be conceded coming from that side...Bayern is a powerhouse in the air (offensive and deffensive) ...Arsenal are bad at defending through balls (slow centerbacks)...so i'll say Arsenal 1-2 Bayern.

  • @wgsteve: have fun losing yur bet, bayern will win but itll be a 1 or 2 goals difference

  • i bet a friend 4+ aggregate difference. bayern should have that easily.

  • 2_0 for gunners

  • @Daim: There is an algorithm that is used based on a player's actions in the competition that result in the rating. Therefore, it's very easy that a player like Podolski can have a better rating than players like Muller, Ribery, or Arteta because the ratings are for champions league games only this year.

  • hogy a faszba van itt az értékeés mióta jobb Szczesny Neuner-nél?? ha csak az idei bajnokságban számoljuk a bekapott gólokat már akkor látjuk a különbséget!

  • It's funny how people think that we'll concede at all.

  • 2-1 for bayern is being too generous ; realistically 3-1 or 4-1 is more like what's going to happen

  • i don't get the ratings.. how can podolski have a better rating than ribery or arteta than müller/kroos

  • he played at the weekend, he'll be fine for tomorrow

  • koscielny is in doubt