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  • A victory for football

  • Its obvious Milan is going to defend like no tomorrow at the camp. Its up to u Barca start doing ur home work cause u've got some videos to watch & i hope u come up with some thing up ur sleeve.Vica el Barca !!

  • now barca should be study how playing with milan forza milan

  • haha...... good result

  • haha.. Like i predicted... now the next one will be harder for Milan.

  • let end barca way next game..

  • This was the best execution of a game plan I can ever remember by a team against Barcelona. Great performance from Milan

  • 1st goal was a disaster on par with human trafficking

  • man of the match messi ahhahahahahaha

  • Earth hae been held tonight!hahahaha~~~~~~~

  • messi played. but still...he is a human too.

  • Finally they updated it

  • why didn't messi play today. he would have created something

  • Why has Messi got the same rating as Shaarawy? Shaarawy got an assist.....

  • Lol, to think of it, this is a beatdown Milan team, and Barca can't even beat them. Did Madrid pay the ref this time, too?

  • Barca is going home early this year. Where is Messi. I guess he only shows against small teams.

  • go milaaaaan, support from brazil

  • F. As a barca fan, im kind of scared. We looked toothless in the first half. If AC Milan comes out in the 2nd ready to attack, they just might take the win. Visca Barca! Pick it up!

  • I would not be surprised if Milan beat Barca!

  • Pzzini 6.1 and El Shaarawy 5.8 after first half? I really can't get some of those rates...

  • Barca aint all that. They are struggling to beat a crippled Milan team.

  • Ac 1;2Baca

  • 1-1 or 1-2


  • 1-3

  • Forza AC Milan 1-0 for ACM

  • milan scores all i know

  • Barcelona will eventually win 3-1 with Messi scoring twice.

  • barça technically is a way better and stronger than milan. milan biggest hole is the defense the only way milan can win this match is if barça gets a red card(hopefully)

  • Barca tends to have more trouble with italian teams than others. that said, if milan lose this home leg the tie is pretty much over

  • barca will win 3-0, no chance for Milan tonight.

  • ¡Visca el Barça, visca el Catalunya!

  • Forza grande Milan! Да прибудет с нами сила!

  • easy win for barca 0-3 :D

  • im thinking about taking a friends bet, the bet is barca score 3+ goals. i think they will score 3 goals at the san siro. what do you all think?

  • Milan is in a good form @home, but barça usually makes good games against Milan. Recent games may point milan as in better form, but barça has played against 3 teams that are current in CL, so i think Barça will win or at least draw this game. But Milan shoudln´t be underestimated, they have more than team to win this if they keep their heads cold. 1-1 or a 1-2 could well be possible. It will be a great game im sure about it, hope to see good football and may the best one wins :D

  • Alba will play instead of Adriano...the final results depends if Barca uses 4-4-2 (midfield: Busquests-Xavi-Cesc-Iniesta) or 4-3-3 ( midfield: Busquests-Iniesta-Cesc)...when Messi has two strikers ahead he often has more space and with that, he's an unstoppable force of nature. So it could be 1-1 or 1-3.

  • 1-1

  • 2-2

  • Winning would be tough, especially since Balotelli is cup-tied with MC. I just hope Milan put on a good show and keep the scoreline respectable enough for the 2nd leg to matter. 1-1

  • milan win.. hahaha good joke. barca just can't lose to milan.

  • Milan 2-0 Barcelona ,, :)

  • Barcelona have to loose. The just have to.