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  • well well... check out my betting advice in the pre-game comment. BOOM I'm in, you're fucking out!! ha ha... i am unaware of he concept of humility btw.

  • Re Re Ra Ra Cim Bom Cim Bom Shampiooooon, aslanlar mucize yaptiiii. Galatasaray is the best, what the amazing match and game. And finally is Galatasaray, new history. Thank's a lot for Fatih Terim "Imperator", and thanks Galatasaray.

  • Told you so.

  • galata wanted it more

  • As I said, Galatasaray is stronger team. Just look at the names in midfield and forward lines. Muslera is great too

  • Schalke 04 will score 2 goals on second half, 3-2.

  • 1-2 i can't believe

  • Schalke04 1-0 HT

  • sch04 2-1 win

  • I'm sure that Schalke is going through today. My bet is Schalke win.

  • Schalke are missing a lot of players, including Klaas-Jan Huntelaar, who has got 4 goals in this season's competition. He got injured in the 2-1 win over Dortmund in the first leg and could be a big miss. However, this should still be a great game.

  • and if you're feeling completely insane chuck arsenal in too hahahahahahaha 800/1

  • in fact - chuck malaga in too at 7/2! 30/1 or so!

  • not sure Gala have enough workmanlike players to cover for wesley's indulgent style. if he plays well and the rest shore things up, Gala have a great shout at going through. 2/1 for them to qualify, 13/10 for Barca to do the same. i think that is a great double. get betting ;-)

  • Galatasaray is stronger team

  • No way its 2 - 0. Galatasaray's either winning this or going down properly like 4 - 0, 5 - 0 and that will happen if Schalke finds counter attacks while GS is attacking constantly and they manage to keep Galatasrays attacking line, which is not that easy. They have been waiting for this for a long time after winning UEFA. Don't underestimate Fatih Terims ego + Drogba + Sneijder + Burak, etc... They have the players to win this match and more than enough fire inside. Either way expect a great match tonight.

  • drogba goal! 0-1

  • Galatasaray had good result as visitor, while he played not good at home

  • Bastos nice player, but it's not Drogba.

  • Schalke 04 2-1

  • In my opinion, Schalke wins the game. However, Gala should not be underestimated. They are a great side and could very well cause problems for Schalke. Many key players not playing for Schalke causes some concern. That said, they still have great pieces on the field. In my opinion, the addition of Bastos will prove to be a genius move. I think he will play a major role in the game and will be a big reason why Schalke advances. I see 2-1, 3-1 Schalke. Still, anything can happen. This will be a very great game.

  • Azerilerde var imish burda )))

  • Azerilere ewq olsun!!!

  • Good Luck GS, i wish and hope that you go to the next level of the C of L

  • Schalke are regaining their form as of late; they've been playing well their last league matches after the defeat at the hands of Bayern. Their pace and fluidity was astonishing in the Ruhr derby. Plus, not to offend anyone, but any mid-table team from Bundesliga would probably go through against any top team in the Süper Lig.

  • Cim Bom, Basharilar Turkiyenin en iyi klubuna, seninleyem Cim Bom, haudi adla bu turu.