Probable Lineups

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Probable Lineups Statistical Comparision

(18) 15 Goals 5 (8)
(14) 9 Assists 6 (7)
(6.9) 7 Average Ratings 6.9 (6.7)
32.7 Average Age 32.1
176.9 Average Height (cm) 183.5
(1.1) 1.3 Shots pg 1 (1.1)
(42%) 41% Aerial Duel Success 57% (55%)
(1) 1.1 Dribbles pg 0.6 (0.6)
(1.5) 1.4 Tackles pg 2 (2.6)
* Values in brackets (x) are overall player statistics in Champions League Final Stage.

Missing Players

No missing players.
Player Reason Status Rating
Daniele Bonera Out 7.12
Bartosz Salamon Out N/A
Nigel de Jong Out 7.08
Giampaolo Pazzini Out 6.4
Luca Antonini Out 7.65
Mario Balotelli Out N/A
Philippe Mexes Doubtful 7.32
Kevin-Prince Boateng Doubtful 6.68

Team News

  • Playmaker Xavi has been declared fit to play. The midfielder hasn't featured since the loss to Real Madrid in the Copa del Rey at the end of February, but given the importance of this game he will return to the fray.
  • Otherwise, Barcelona should be fresh for this game, with the likes of Messi, Iniesta, Busquets, Alba, Pique and Pedro all on the bench at the weekend.
  • Victor Valdes will return between the sticks after missing Saturday's win over Deportivo through suspension.
  • Milan have issues up front, where Mario Balotelli is cup-tied and Gaimpaolo Pazzini is out injured after being forced off early on in the win over Genoa on Friday.
  • Robinho is back with the squad and he could push for a starting spot in attack, though Kevin-Prince Boateng should be alright to play after missing Friday's game, and he will likely make up a front 3 with El Shaarawy and Niang.
  • Philippe Mexes picked up a knock and went off at half-time at Genoa, but has travelled with the squad to Spain and should start alongside Cristian Zapata in a lineup similar to the one that played in the first leg.


  • When this draw was made Barcelona were flying and Milan were struggling in mid-table in Serie A, and many would have assumed that the Spanish giants would waltz through to the last 8 of the competition. However, things haven't exactly gone to script; Barcelona have lost 3 of their last 5 games to go out of the Copa del Rey whilst their Champions League hopes hang by a thread.
  • Milan, meanwhile, have charged up the Serie A table and are now 3rd, and after beating Barca in the first leg confidence is high at San Siro. However, they will know the task they have on their hands here will be far from an easy one.
  • The last 5 Champions League meetings between the sides at Camp Nou have seen only 2 Barcelona wins, and Milan have only failed to score once. The home side won 3-1 when these teams met just under a year ago but had to rely on 2 penalties for that result. Winning by a 2 goal margin - at least - whilst also aiming to shut Milan out could be too big a task, even for the likes of Messi and co.
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User Predictions

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  • Titans Conme Back!!! Messi My idol <3

  • Villa in the center was great for attracting defenders and leaving space for his teammates. Messi on the right flank had more space to maneuver, and linked up well with Xavi and Iniesta Iniesta playing in the center is a lot more effective than on the wing, and with pedro terrorizing the Milan defense with his runs, Iniesta's space opened up in the middle. Alba played as smart as Abidal used to play, whenever Alvez pushed up, he stayed back and held a 3 man defense line, that did well to hold up the counter attacks until Barca regrouped Pressing high up the pitch is something I missed seeing from Tito, Guardiola used to do it all too often and to great success, yesterday was a beautiful come back to this type of pressing, and with a leaky defense this pressure on the opponent team helps lessen the pressure on Barca's defense! Perfectly played!!Well done and a euphoric win!

  • Whoscored: Your match statistics are great, but I have a tip for improvement: In two-legged matches like this, it would be great with a sort of aggregate statistics combining data for both legs, at least for the stats listed below the formations in the football field graphics. It would, for example, be illuminating to compare shots on target over the two matches of this round combined to see who created the most chances, and wether the advancement was deserved in this sense.

  • messi is just 1/11! visca barca!

  • tbh the way is saw the starting lineup and the formation seems like pep guardiola contacted tito or roura and told them to use that tactic :D

  • messi is a right winger, on the flank is unstoppable, i don't know why he has been moved centre forward in the past years (actually i know, he's too much better than all others to be considered one of eleven, and often wins matches alone), he scores more but the other team mates do not. barça's style of play is becoming less and less effective, imprisoned in its philosophy, and unready to adapt itself to unusual situation and too much dependent on messi's form. they have the best rooster and they're still the best team in the world, so this fact is well hidden, but some tactical mistakes are narrowing the unlimited possibilities of this squad. the best barça is still the 09/10, dynamic, hungry, fanciful, bold, humble, well disposed on the pitch, not messi centered, with more and various solution for creating goalscoring chanses... valdes, alves, pique, puyol, ABIDAL, TOURE', xavi, iniesta, messi, ETO'O, HENRY. P.S: i say this right now, after a brilliant 4-0 win. we'll see later...

  • Amazing ohhh my god what amazing come back from Barca. Hey Milan do you hear it yeeaaaah it's CAMP NOW

  • The key was Villa between centerbacks, so Messi had space to destroy Milan.

  • )))))))))))))))))))))) Oleeeeee Oleeeee Oleeeeee Barca Barca Barca

  • Please Ladies and Gentleman everybody say GOOD BYE Milan, how are you Milan.

  • OMG why u guys hate Barcelona so much? Today they played great!

  • Yea, why the fuck didn't they park the fucking bus? It always works against Barca.

  • I like the sound of that" road to wembley"

  • Believe it or not, I dreamed of a 4-0 win last night. With the only difference that Messi scored a hattrick.


  • There u go an amazing come back from Barca !!

  • @AlexMessi123 because they all fucked your mother

  • Answer this please. Why is barca so good?!!!!!!!!



  • @relentlessPressure You must be blind, if anyone other than messi was man of the match it would be iniesta. but scoreing 2 gaols is wildly important messi is man of the match

  • goaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllll , my heart will burst when Milan attacking in last minutes , but Alba is safe us.


  • The ratings are so biased to Messi. Xavi MOTM

  • oooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

  • real madrid > barcelona

  • How did Messi get an 8.8?? Yes he scored two goals, but for the other 89 minutes he was just getting pushed and shoved around. I like Messi and I think he's one of the greatest ever, but Xavi, Iniesta, and Alba had a much better game than he did.


  • GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLL milan so home!!!!! you come to camp nou you ll get rape!!!!! GOOD FIGHT MILAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ooh it seems the history repeated with AC Milan New tragedy like what happened against each: - Deportivo Acronym Liverpool Arsenal Now: Barcelona

  • @evenvioletskies, you have a point. and idk. PS sucks that Milan lost..

  • @JD70 What is the point in writing a comment saying 'Messi is the best yessssss'. Was hoping this would be a good place for tactical/meaningful discussion.

  • Opinions dude @evenvioletskies, you don't have to insult anyone.

  • Wow this shoutbox is full of hive-minded pointless retards.

  • El Shaarawy is the best. Too bad this isn't his best match. Nooooo!!!!

  • Messi is the best ever. Yeeeesssss!!!!

  • visca barca!


  • LIONEL MESSI is the best!!!! Feel free to vote up/down. after all,it means the same! [BEST]

  • I dont understand why people cannot just enjoy a historic match like this. Think through what you say and post on here.

  • @sport Shut up man! What about the penalty on Pedro ?

  • Or Fabregas who is beast.

  • F*** Uefalona, you cant touch them, you cant take the ball when messi runs, you can just watch or.. penalty thanks platini for all this corruption.

  • Thumbs down for Messi needing Xavi and Iniesta.

  • Real Madrid v Barcelona FINAL!!!!

  • No Xavi or Iniesta.. No goals for Messi.


  • messsssssssssssssiiiiiiiiiii

  • No penalty wtttfff the push on pedro's back!!!! gay ref.

  • GOOOOAAAAALLLLLL MESSI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @therobbieunited oh and nice tip for betting on over goals. i'm gonna wait and see the tone of the game in the opening 10mins now too. nice one

  • @therobbieunited yeah - your examples are good ones - especially van persie... but its not bias. i think most of the "luck" is a result of having the ball near-ish the opponents goal more than any other team in history (although barely managed it in the first leg!) if you think about it - its obious that they will create the opportunity for more "incidents" than anyone else. they have had some prominent fortunate decisions in recent years though - i grant you that

  • IMHO, the best bet is that Milan will came to last 8. Any their goal - and Barca needs to score four times. Are Barcelona able to make it? I am not sure!

  • @therobbieunited: If you win, you own me a beer


  • @therobbieunited That's a good point, I've been thinking myself what would happen if Barcelona plays a 4-2-3-1, like Alves, Piqué, Mascherano, Alba; Hernández, Busquets; Rodríguez, Messi, Iniesta; Villa. Although since Iniesta is a playmaker, I would set him as the CAM and not Messi, and put Messi at RM, or LM if you want him to cross with more ease.


  • MILAN!

  • best bet ,ac milans main striker to score,probably shaarawy, maybe even first consider the amount of times Barcelona have gone behind to the opening goal,5 of the last 6 games

  • This game tonite i will be more surprised to see Barcelona go through than ac Milan,in the first leg to say Barcelona were nullified is an understatement,it was pretty much a beat down,to have 73% possession and 91%pass success and only one shot on target is pretty bad to say the least,and to look at there other recent form it comes up pretty much the same,the blueprint is there for ac ,defend as a unit and counter fast,and one goal tonite should put ac Milan through and they will get it.As for Barcelona they need to mix it up,its like ground hog day,put villa as your main striker with runs in behind ,play messi just behind him,make the milans center backs work hard to track both of them,get some width,they need to get in behind milans defense,can they do it of course but they need to change it up,if not good bye Barcelona

  • And by the way, Iniesta is playing at LCM, and Xavi at RCM. Not the opposite.

  • Don't give negative votes, people. I was right and Barcelona are going out with Villa at LW. Fàbregas has played as a LCM moving forward in their system, but honestly I believe that's where Iniesta should play. That's the reason why Iniesta has played LW, but with no further success. And if they pretend to be more clinical finishing the chances they create they need a forward at LW, not a CAM like Iniesta or a CM like Cesc.

  • @Mozrify i don't know,if not then ,they are a very lucky team,just off the top of my head ,the chelsea game when drogba got a little angry, although he made a show of himself,he had a right to be and van persie getting a second yellow and sent off for kicking the ball one second after the ref blew for offside in the nou camp!If not a conspiracy then lets agree that they a very very very very lucky team!

  • We can play a sure bet, that's over 2.5 goals. But i have risked today, i have betted on over 3.5 goals.

  • This is gonna be a great game! Can Milan hold on, or will Barca show their class?

  • Tough one but good luck Barca... Hoping for 3-0 win

  • 3-0 :)

  • Messi 2-0 Milan

  • re: last point... the reason things seem to go more for Barca is a direct result of the footballing philosophy and style some on here hate them for. if you constantly have the ball, make 500 more passes than the other side, have the ball in the opposition's third the whole game then you are increasing exponentially the amount of decisions on tackles, handballs etc the ref has to make. no conspiracy, just probability based on statistics

  • 2-0 Barca... 4-0 after extra time. i find the barca/uefa conspiracy theories hilarious. you guys aren't serious are you? Not even Mourinho believes that nonsense. its just part of his siege mentality, all eyes on me, its never my fault shtick.

  • Fàbregas at LW? Why not Villa or Tello? Fàbregas should a CM in a 4-3-3 with CDM formation. They need a forward in that position. These guys haven't learned their lesson. By the way, Messi looks like a striker there, he should be drawn backwards.

  • 85% possession is for sure but how many shots?

  • can't wait for this match!! :D

  • Forza Milan!

  • Forza Milan, the cheat team Falselona-Uefalona is eliminated, they play the most boring football in Europe, passing around their own box and not creating even a single chance to shot at goal, just like the first leg with Milan

  • Ban for @Patricovic

  • importantly - who is scoring first for Barca? now you've mmentioned it i have to put a scorecast on ;-)

  • wow - what a detailed prediction Synyste! Do you always know the number goals each team will score AND the names of those that'll score the? If you had an online beting account I think you'd be in charge of more wealth than the entire Middle East by summer.

  • I'm almost 100% sure AC Milan are going to get a red card. There's always a red card waiting at the Nou Camp. Watch. Wouldn't be surprised if there's a penalty either.

  • 3-1 for Barca: Messi, Iniesta & Fabregas - Boateng

  • oh, and Patricovic. What a annoying bastard you are eh?

  • i would suggest that the level of cocky assurance from Milan fans in light of young promise in the forward line is a touch hubristic. tonight Barca, replete with world cup league and champions league winners may issue a wake up call to AC... no Balotelli, relying on SES and Niang to bag a goal. Mmmmn. the odds on Barca qualifying are long than Evens. Wise value bet methinks

  • Bacelona 6-0

  • MILAN !!!

  • Barcelona have conceded at least 1 goal in 5 of their last 6 games at home (the only clean sheet in the last 6 at home was to Deportivo La Coruna who are struggling at the lower end of the league and themselves, 5 loses and a draw in their last 6 games) so it stands to reason that they will concede tonight. The game is set to play right in to the hands of Milan, they will go no doubt with 5 in midfield look to spoil the game and hit on the counter. Just like Real Madrid and Celtic done this year with great success and like Chelsea done last year. Personally I don’t think Barcelona’s defence is good enough to get through this game without conceding a goal on the break. I can see a scoring draw or a goal either way. I don’t see a goal fest from Barcelona. The best bet I have seen is double change Milan or the draw at 5/2 which I a massive price.

  • Milan will likely to play in a 4-5-1 formation with 4 'playdestroyer' midfielders to stop barca's playmaking

  • Barcelona 4:0 AC Milan

  • Barcelona not getting any easy win here.

  • 3-1 Barcã

  • Barcelona 3x1.

  • Forza Milan!

  • I hope to see a entertaining game! No controversy. Just pure Football.

  • where the ball goes, sorry

  • Milan will play exactly like they did in the last match: pressing hard where the ball go, not where it's from. Forza Milan!

  • My prediction: Barca wins. I firmly believe that Barca will grab the first goal early. I think they will be careful enough not to leave themselves open for a counter. Once Barca scores the first goal, the crowd will get even louder and Milan will feel it. This will cause a chain reaction and Barca will go on to win 3-0. Barca knows they cannot let up a goal unless they score 4, so expect Barca defense to be superb.

  • Reasons why I like AC Milan: The team they are playing is Barcelona not FC Messi. Combine the fact that they cage him defensively and that he does not play well against Italian sides will cause a concern. If Messi is greedy and wants to take most of the shots, it could be a long night for Barca. This could very well happen. Milan will be looking to play their best defensive game of the year...much like the did in the first leg. If they "park the bus", it could frustrate Barca. As I said, Barca is going to come out from the start and attack hard trying to get the opening goal as early as possible. I think Milan knows this. If this backfires for Barca and they are left exposed which causes a fast break or defensive screw up and AC Milan scores (especially the opener), Barca might as well pack it in.

  • Pazzini is out. This will cause a concern for them attack wise. They will have to rely ALMOST exclusively on SAS in attack.

  • One would think a 2-0 aggregate puts you in a very comfortable position going into the 2nd leg. It will be anything but for Milan. You must remember once Barca scores and yes they will score first, more than likely within the first 20-25 minutes, it will essentially be a one goal game. Reasons why I like Barca: Barca is going to come out from the start and pressure offensively. They will be looking to get the opening goal as early as possible and once they do, the game will shift dramatically. The game is in Barca. Undefeated at home in the last 19 ucl matches I believe. Remember, playing away and home are two completely different animals regardless of competition or league. Reference almost any table in the world and look at top teams home record and compare it with away record (as well as goals for and against. Camp Nou will be packed, sold out and LOUD. Say what you want, but I can assure you that Milan will be very very uneasy. Huge advantage for Barca.

  • ueafalona are the biggest defensive team in europe recently, 0 shots against milan, 3 shots in 2 games against real, they keep possession passing the ball around their own box and people say they had 70% of possession hahahah

  • uefalona will have 12 players on the pitch including the ref, but anyway they are eliminated, and i think they will not even win this game, a goal less draw or milan will win 0-1, time for drugged players has ended, messi takes hormons in regular basis and still dont result positive on doping, come on people wake up

  • All Italian clubs every time show defense game, no adrenalin, no fantastic game like their Nationality team. In this party instead of show-man will be Barca, and good luck to Barca, i like show i like the really football show, but unfortunately Italian clubs can't to show it us. Go Barca wish you go to next level.

  • A very tough game for Barça. Milan's tradition of playing with a packed midfield gives them a hard time usually. And the 0-2 aggregate makes things worse.

  • 2-0 for the best team

  • It will so hard game for Milan, but not for Barca

  • Barca!!! Barca !!! Barca !!!!

  • I saw in a dream FCB winning 6-2. It would be interesting to see that happen! Stil, forza Milan!

  • Let the best team win, and the best team is definitely Barcelona. I am confident that Barca is certainly capable to pull this out and they shall do it. !saw ti dna, eB

  • i really hope milan win this match, i think its terrible for the game having a team like barca that dominates purely because of its annual turnover

  • ac milan serbia

  • Forza Milan!