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  • Thanks :)

  • pedro- dani pique-inesta iniesta-cesc

  • Can anyone tell me who assisted for Pedro, Pique & Iniesta's goals?

  • this is the first game ina long time that barca acted as though they were actually trying. it was a great team performance allaround. malagas goals were bullshit, results of a handball and an awful no call when cesc got stomped on.

  • Barca -1 handicap

  • Barça will bring the big guns now, Alba-Iniesta on the left Messi-Cesc going deep and Xavi-Busquest controlling the game.

  • @LeChiffre, also speaking of Malaga's defensive record, although it has been impressive, you need to note that in their last 6 home games, they conceded 8 goals, overall it is good, but when it comes to big teams, they will concede, question is how much less goals they will concede is the key. Still I think Barca will be all out attack, and angry, this will make them more focused and definitely more lethal.

  • @LesChiffre You are a fool to make that comment about bad officiating . Anti Barca that's what you are and you will continue to have heart attack in any Barca game.

  • Malaga will beat Barcelona at home that 3-1 loss was a fluke . Malaga has the best defensive record at home in la liga and getting a result in Barcelona will make them confident. Only way Malaga would lose is through bad officiating ( which wouldn't shock me)

  • 1:4 barsa

  • Malaga 2: 0 barcelona

  • agree with WS predction: 1-3 and we will watching EL CLASSICO! :)