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  • fauk you barcelone

  • real madrid is best team in world. bracelona can't play with rea. the fifa d; Darw must go for c ronaldo. they cheat for messi

  • Every other stat shows that Barca was better then Madrid except shots on target and tackles. This tells me where the problem is: defensively and offensively Real was better to Barca.

  • @Petrovic, I guess Mourinho's appointment as RM coach does not have anything to do with Real Madrid playing a better football now and reaching Barca's level. This is what happened, Real Madrid is on form while Barca's form dipped a little lately, it's not that Real is better coz they aren't, all the numbers in this show that. Real is defensively better but Barca style of play can starve any team of the ball and overwhelm them, however once you block their main scoring threat, which is Messi and which is smth that almost all teams are doing against Barca nowadays, then you have a chance to win a game from them. My suggestion is to Move messi to the right and Villa in the middle, this way the defense pattern will have to change and Messi on the right is just as dangerous as in the middle while villa in the middle is 2 times more dangerous then on the left where he's been played all the time. Hopefully this goes into Roura's mind and belive me it will work. Barca all the way!

  • I think its even more fascinating that the final has now set up for a Madrid Derby. As much as I love an El Clasico, maybe this opportunity will highlight another rivalry involving Real that has lost its light lately. There's an interesting write up on it here. I also thought Di Maria who has been poor by his own standards this season, worked his backside off at the Nou Camp and it really paid off

  • kudos RM kudos All the best for ,match against Man U

  • Real Madrid played an amazing game and totally deserved to win that game. The referee did a great job overall, the Ronaldo penalty was definitely correct, and the Pedro situation was arguably also correct, although It's a shame that players have to dive and complain in these games. Congratulations on the spot in the final, you blancos. With that being said, it is obvious that the absence of Tito is a problem. If you watched all of Barcas games in the beginning of the season compared to now when Roura is in charge, you can definitely see a difference. The players seem to have a lack of motivation, and the game doesn't "click" anymore. @Patriovic You can't compare yourself to a team that play the highest level of football there is. Either you aren't up to the same standards when it comes to the theoretical football, or you could simply be an exception. Some Culé's in here seem a bit butthurt, but madrid won fair and square. Win like a man, lose like man. /Barca fan.

  • Haha... like I predicted. Madrid won. haha

  • 2 match loose in a row, doesn't close the sweetest memory of 14 trophy in 3 years lately :)

  • Roura was good, but Tito is better. No creativity, lacks of penetration, while Messi had a ball, where's other ? Roura is best on scout talent, not for the tactical game. Pique, Busquets, Cesc & Puyol are under rated, why ? because Roura didn't have much quality to analyze why we were beaten last week by Milan. Tello, Thiago are deserved for the match.

  • judging from the comments, we can see the age difference here between adio09x and Godric lol

  • Same selection same tactics, no reading of the game or game in progress tactical change & u expect to win. U know Madrid are good in counter & have pace, then what is Tello ,Adriano & Thiago doing on the bench. Time for review Puyol is not like be 4, so update the defence give the lads a chance get some one to take the heat off Leo may be Neyma & also get Afellay back from that loan.... Visca El Barca

  • It's not surprising that he picked the same team; maybe except fabregas; these are the players. Roura doesn't know what to tell the players to increase the game. How come when tito was fine and with the team, they managed to have the best start in la liga history? And since he left, slowly the team decreased. Not to take any credit from real though.

  • if real madrid didn't have manager, i would love to see what they'll do lose... tell me which team is playing without a manager. so GTFO.

  • No manager, that's what happens! No surprise that Barca is losing so much games! I hope Tito Vilanova gets better ASAP.

  • Barca Fucked,tchsoose katalonia,HALA MADRID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fabregas 6.3 at half time? dafuq? busquets played better

  • 0-1 hala madrid hala roniiiiii

  • Barcelona 5 : 0 Real Madrid :)

  • real ==> 2 red card

  • X ht bet type

  • I want madrid to win, but if would make a prediction it will be 2-1 Barca

  • Legia Warsaw - Real Madrid 5 - 0

  • 2:2, thus Real advances...

  • visca barca

  • F.c Barcelona 3 - 1 Real Madrid .. Visca Barca !!..

  • 2-1 for the best team (Barcelona)

  • 1-2 with at least one goal for CR7 and a beautiful match ;-)

  • 3-2 real. 2 red cards

  • when'll they take up the preview?

  • red card(s), definitely will be

  • Madrid!!