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  • I tried to watch the 1st half in 1.8X speed, and counted Xavi 39/41 passes with 2 failed corners (possibly counted as long pass in UEFA). But it should not be enough to contribute to the huge difference between uefa and opta.

  • @emanon, I suspect they are making up stats, or just the counting methods are different (e.g. when player receiving the ball gets a feet on it and then loses the ball, the pass can be counted both successful & failed)

  • @Cantoner, yes I've noticed the same thing. The Statszone app also shows Xavi completing 96/96 (100%) passes. (they probably use data from OPTA) It's really weird.. and it's not just 1-2 passes either..

  • PSG=Paris say goodbye !

  • I've just noticed that the Press Kits in uefa.com provides different passing stats from Opta (e.g. whoscored.com) http://www.uefa.com/newsfiles/ucl/2013/2009604_tpd.pdf like in this, Xavi has 81% completion rate only. Does anyone have any ideas about this?

  • Messi just 6.4??? He played better. He changed the match!!

  • incredible messi

  • messi will save barca

  • PSG is so impressive. Lucas Moura is hard to defend, at least by this Barca defence. Upfront, Barca looks toothless...

  • CB . Adriano really! :O ?

  • I believe Barca can overcome PSG if we play to our full potential, with or without Messi. Still, we shouldn't underestimate this PSG side as they are certainly capable of an upsetting. May the best team win. Visca El Barca!

  • P$G!!!

  • PSG 2:1 FCB

  • PSG will shock the world today, heard it here first

  • Barça will win this one, but psg will score 1 goal, at least. 3-1 or 3-2. Messi is able to play just red in uefa page.

  • Barca need to pack that midfield with strong players, perhaps play with a 3-4-3 formatin with both Busquets and Song in the midfield, and busquets dropping back to help the defense. They need to suffocate the PSG midfield and not let the ball reach Ibra and Lavezzi that easily.

  • Barca will win

  • 3 -0 , 3 x Messi

  • Barca 2-1 PSG

  • Fcb 5-0 Psg

  • Fcb 5-0 Psg

  • Qatar fondation VS Qatar sport investment

  • I think PSG will score but barca to progress..

  • Is it really a 4-2-2-2? Everyone in France analyses it as a simple and more classical 4-4-2.

  • psg 2-1 barca

  • looks as if messi should be available for the game, he may just come on as a sub IF THEY NEED HIM. which is why he'll probably start as a sub. he may not be necessary.

  • Crybabys to lose 0-2

  • 4-1 Barca

  • Forca Barca


  • apparently silva is going to be out also

  • UefaLona Vs Qatar Saint Germain

  • unfortunately, Matuidi is suspended for the game!! Barca 1 - 2 PSG

  • I thought Matuidi had a second booking too, shouldn't he be missing this game?

  • hahaha barcelona complain that the ref didnt help them out enough