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  • Kagawa had illness.

  • kagawa?

  • Andddd Kagawa is not even on the bench again. Seriously criminal.

  • Fellaini played solid. He should have started, Anderson was really bad.

  • @gundam carrick had 9 interceptions at HT you complete clown.

  • carrick with 9 interceptions

  • shame on ref

  • Carrick with a 7.4? 65% pass accuracy, 0 tackles, 0 aerials won and only 13 more touches than Jedinak. Man Utd have hardly created anything either. Surely you mean 6.4.

  • FA united. again

  • 0-0

  • Kagawa? At least mention this great player of the team! I'm really optimistic if the japan is going to be fully? fit make a real impact in the starting XI. De Gea Smalling Rio Vidic Pat Fellaini Carrick Valencia Kagawa Nani van Persie

  • Is Tom Cleverly better than Kagawa or Anderson? Man Utd don't seem to stop amazing me!

  • hmm,Looks like Kagawa isn't doesn't get a mention any where here.

  • 2:0

  • 2-2

  • Little bit of pressure on arms of Mr. Moyes here. Man. Utd. has to pick all 3 points from this "easy" match. I'm expecting more than one goal from Man. Utd.