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  • very happy for Reid, im from New Zealand

  • #foreverinourshadow

  • wow. just, wow

  • 2 bad i didnt listen to talk4u :> i got all other games right:<

  • 100 mils down the drain.

  • Counter Attack :D

  • Erm............

  • lol (Arsenal fan)

  • @EzioAuditoreDaFirenze You play players based on form! Townsend has been better and deserves the start over Lamela. Everyone slags him off because his shots are off target, but arguably no one the Prem is as much of a guarantee to beat his man than Andros. Lamela will get his time.

  • COYS~ 2-0 GOGO AND... cheer up carroll...

  • 1-3

  • Totenham need this and will get this. Is 30+million for warming bench?i am desperate to see him in the lineup

  • Spurs lost their way ...a bit ,against Chelsea ,in the second part of the game .It is the drop in intensity that would cost spurs ....trophies this season .I am not sure ,AVB knows how to close down games .It seems he knows....how to snatch victories ,but lacks the tactics for finishing off tough opponents .West Ham would be a tough opponent at white hart lane on Sunday .Sam does not want west ham to hang around the bottom for too long .The relegation mentality may creep into his players minds .And ,it can be a very difficult mind-set to escape .Does west ham have the tools to hurt spurs ?Yes they do .Would they use them on Sunday ?Only time would tell ....I see , a downward slide setting in ...the spurs team .I hope ,I am wrong .West ham to pull a shock 1-0 win .Austin4sports says

  • Another 3 points for Spurs.

  • Tottenham 3-1 West Ham Eriksen 36th minute Noble 42nd minute Soldado 59th minute Sigurdsson 73rd minute Tottenham have done very well this season and I don't think it'll stop here, especially at home!