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  • Torres is bac… oh wait he's still crap

  • chelsea wasn't aggressive enough this game. they don't deserve to win~

  • that explains torres started

  • Now you see why Mourinho wanted rid of Mata and Luiz in the summer.

  • santon!!!! i want him for left back of my national team!!!

  • Newcastle posession - 38% and twice as effective ! Bravo

  • I thought chelshit fans says they are better than us? And that they will catch us at the top of the league today...looooooooolx...they beat us in the carling cup and started feeling too big

  • There is no reason why a Ramires dt intercept no balls and open up the midfield shd get such high points,agreed Torres we dint see much of him 2nd half and for erroneously back heeling d pass from Hazard else he was hungry in d first half and den mata as usual neva playin a ball good for a goal bound striker dou today he even played beta dan d last match dt he scored for me,its wrong to introduce Eto cos d man is 'aged' wen it comes to scoring or final third,his passes,mot and finish leav so much to b desired,Mikel wuld hv covered d shame of d team,if used frm d beginning.

  • hahaha you spaz chels :D

  • chelsea was too lazy again..

  • What a good match to start off the day in the EPL. Chelsea obviously knows that a win here will put them at the top of the table, only if it may be for a few hours. A win on the road will do alot for the Chelsea psyche. I do expect Newcastle to score at least one goal here, but Chelsea will be a bit too much for them. The Chelsea midfield will set the tone and more than likely dominant the match. Torres should see plenty of goal scoring opportunities and take advantage of a weak Newcastle defense. Chelsea 3 Newcastle 1

  • 0-1 negative football good score

  • 1-3

  • A loss to Manchester city in the capital one cup ...is not what the doctor ordered for Alan Pardew .Newcastle’s manager ..would be cursing his luck right now .In too many ..a game ,his side has played extremely well ,and yet ...they have not ended up with the three points .If Newcastle’s table position ...was anywhere ,near the bottom ..his managerial status would be in doubt today .Against Chelsea at 12:45 on Saturday ..Alans’ side would have an opportunity to turn their season ...upside down .The expectations around the country ..is that ,Chelsea would win comfortably .This kind of assumption could play into the hands of Alan Pardews’ boys .The pressure would be on ...mourinho’s boys ,to attack and score .If Newcastle can keep the score goalless for a reasonable while ...it may unsettle the Stamford bridge boys .And both teams would be vulnerable to mistakes .If I were ...to ,predict the outcome of this first game ...I would say Chelsea would win .Says austin4sports

  • Newcastle 1 - 4 Chelsea

  • chelsea!!!! ont top

  • 1-0

  • 0-5

  • looks like an error by whoscored to me. looks like they meant 1-2

  • 2-1 like whoscored.

  • Seems to me the score should be reversed, which is what the prediction comments seem to indicate.

  • chelsea win 0..2

  • 1-2