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  • Welcome back Fletcher!!!

  • @iMike, "Fact of the Matter - is a phrase used by morons to transition from one confusing sentence clause to another. Often used when said moron has absolutely no clue what he or she is speaking about and is engaged in an argumentative conversion. When properly used, the moron--through his own stupidity--renders his conversing opponent speechless and effectively ends the conversation. Consequentially, the moron now believes he is smart and begins to use the phrase more often; making everyone who knows the moron hate him and dread talking to him." UD

  • The fact of the matter is, You have been the worst team on the pitch yet lead by 3 goals, Aston Villa have deserved at least a point, but United have played like they are scared and only counter attacked

  • I'm definitely Jealous when my team is 5pts ahead of you with a game in hand. Hahaha why would i be jealous of a poor mid table team.

  • liverpool is going down today

  • iMike just a jealous ABU, leave him be in his delusions

  • whoops i meant 20 not 10

  • @Jcg - You don't deserve to be ahead. And it is quite regularly luck that gives United the lead, it's obviously not skill considering you're a mid table team.

  • @iMike, lmfao. MU scores and you blame it on "luck". Do you even watch this game on tv?

  • Torres and Chamakh scored yesterday. Welbeck has a brace within 10 minutes. Whats going on....

  • Adnan Januzaj hit the woodwork and made the assist for the first goal

  • Wow, It looks like United's luck is back, 2 Goals up despite being by far the worse team

  • Aston Villa are dominating, and United score. What a surprise.

  • Think Utd will dominate. Looked good mid week with a week squad. Villa not firing at all and have what can only be described as a terrible record against the red devils. Comfortable win for Utd 2-0

  • 2-2

  • 2.2

  • Midtable Affair.

  • No RvP, no Party

  • United have lost at home twice, but to two decent teams, can't see them dropping points to Villa. 2-1 United Even so, Come on Villa!

  • @ dread you scared to make a prediction on your own team ?

  • 3–2

  • GGMU 1-2

  • This could be fun. Man U not gonna win this. Villa going to catch them on points. 2-1 to Villa.