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  • ef

  • Even though I'm LFC fan, it's good to see an English manager like Sherwood do well. English coaches should be given more opportunities in management in the PL. Adebayor is such a lazy player as well. Only starts playing well when it seems as if he's going to be kick out of the club. Could have done a lot better for AVB

  • COYS!

  • Miike, what an idiot. Liverpool get gifted 2 ridiculous penalties to alter the game two weeks in a row and he wants to talk about luck. lol

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  • is lamela and townsend still not fit anothe to make it to the subs???

  • @bodyferr and @macan he had been making a lot a big mistakes recently thats why

  • @bodyferr, people has been saying danny rose is bad? the only thing i remember people said he played bad against arsenal on fa cup

  • why is everybody saying that danny rose is bad? he looked pretty good to me in the last games :-?

  • wow lennon is so stupid ...

  • is townsend injured or smth?

  • This is yet another reason why i think Spurs are the prem's luckiest team.

  • Patrikovic Defoe's transfer been agreed for the 28th February ... Clueless as usual

  • Swansea hasn't been efficient this season, and their style of play fit the counter attacking Spurs side good. Nevertheless I expect it to be 0-0 at half time. A lot of their games have been.

  • Fine odds on Spurs here, very rare when we are talking about a top team. Bet away win at 2.50.

  • why does soldado deserve to start over defoe if not anyone in the team that can take his position e.g. lamela, holtby

  • @benforman they meant to say one not none

  • Spurs absolutely had a draw under Tim Sherwood. Against West Brom.

  • There may be a surprise result here...+austin4sports says Swansea are unlikely to win,and a draw is more likely than a spurs win

  • X

  • 0-1

  • I'm going to for 1-1

  • @twentyCent: ERIKK LAMELAAA!!

  • @darbymcc: Lamela ?

  • ERIK ERIK ERIK!!!!......