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  • Fantastic performance Lpool! Thank God Rodgers has learned his lesson, 4-3-3 For the win! So glad to see Coutinho return to form in his favoured position, he was world class tonight. I'm over the moon with this result, honestly didn't expect a win let alone a demolishing

  • ...that escalated quickly!

  • Good first half, sturridge and gerrard are world class. Mirallas is giving are defenders some problems though.

  • Sturridge is such a class player. Deserves more respect and reputation! Suarez just diving around and biting players. Nah just kidding, these Liverpool players are so consistent. Don't want to overkill it, but this match is very very entertaining

  • Wonderful game. Always

  • Agree, 2-2

  • I bet on a tie, 2-2 this time.

  • LFC win this one!!! #YNWA

  • This is going to be exciting for a neutral!

  • I hope this ends in a draw!

  • If G.deulofeu plays,everton will win

  • Lukaku being a beast atm. I predict a 2-3 for Everton. Both teams to score and over 2.5.

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  • predict Liverpool wins or draw

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  • We could potentially get completely outplay in midfield especially with Barkley set to start(painkilling injection). I'd like to see Coutinho being dropped and then one of Suarez or Sturridge to play the No. 10 role. Defensive midfield is going to be the biggest problem for LFC with Gerrard becoming a liability and with the loss of the very under-rated Lucas Leiva

  • 3-2 lukaku hatrick

  • 3-1

  • Liverpool's hole in midfield might force Mirallas to cut inside more often, and Everton's n10' to give his best game. Some major problems for Liverpool, and it might cost them the game. This game would have been Barkley's if he weren't injured; Liverpool's weakness in the middle would've forced a stunning performance out of him. Tough game to call- I wouldn't stick a penny on this match.

  • This is a serious derby.Everton have improved more than Liverpool...this season.As I wrote in my website...Liverpool could be over-run in the midfield department ,if Brendon does not fore see it .+austin4sports says Liverpool 1 Everton 3.its show time!

  • 3-1

  • Draw. 2-2

  • I say possibly a draw, and a happy birthday to Luis Suarez!!

  • Before the Villa game i'd have said Liverpool win. With two injuries and a bad performance this game has now become unpredictable. I think it'l be 1-1. YNWA

  • 3-2

  • Liverpool's Strengths seems over rated. dont you think?