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  • I'm a little confused by Agger's rating. Sure, he didn't have a great match, but unlike Skrtel, his play didn't cost Liverpool two goals.

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  • Bloody hell Liverpool! Fantastic and crap at the same time

  • 7 goals in a PL match omg I love it

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  • Refree's having a shocker against us again... Gifted them the 1st goal and just denied a clear peno

  • Clear handball outside the area by Mignolet...

  • Agger is soooo bad. The combination of Agger and Johnson is horrible.

  • @Skrong -But I agree, our defense is more like a bottom 4 team than a top 4 one, and Rodgers is reluctant to strengthen it, but there are some good players there, i don't see where it goes wrong, they're all over the place

  • @Miike. No question. City have sputtered so yeah they are.

  • @Skrong - But they're the best attacking team in the league, there's no doubt about that anymore

  • Liverpool are fucking diabolical defensively for a top 4 side. My god.

  • потрясающая игра,правда без обороны играют(

  • If Rodgers doesn't buy a new CB in the summer i'm going to go fucking mental, worst defense in the league right now.

  • Feel a LFC win! #YNWA

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  • the predicted lineup is a very strong one, 3 nil to the reds, maybe 3-1

  • This fixture is difficult for Liverpool as long as Swansea play a good football. 2-1 for Liverpool!

  • 4-1

  • ignore the comment below, the line-up in midfield looks more like this: -------------Coutinho------------ -------------------------------- ------Henderson----------------- -----------------Gerrard---------

  • Line-up is a bit wrong onn here, It's a bit like Coutinho Henderson Gerrard

  • Swansea are have been playing much better under Monk but Liverpool should be still too much for them. 3-1 to LFC

  • Henderson will start after his injury - Swansea to face the full force of the S.S.S. 4:0 Liverpool !

  • Swansea Win Suarez MOM Shelvey WOM

  • hmmm... that's not even the overexageration, with the home form we are in... 4-0 to the reds