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  • Absolutely agree with theexar

  • Fellaini has been good lately!

  • this match is clearly fixed , cant agree more with theexar.

  • if rooney scores again, there will be a hatrick of hatricks this week!!!

  • possibly even better then the Suarez goal. props to mr rooney that was awesome

  • What's the reason for West Ham not playing Jussi Jääskeläinen? He's easily a top 5 goalkeeper in premier league.

  • Never though I would say it about a Premiership game, but judging from the opening minutes this match looks like it's been fixed. Abysmal unprovoked errors by the West Ham players and a blatant error by the reff who failed to spot a clear foul by Rooney leading to the goal. No point in watching anymore.

  • mufc team: De Gea; Rafael, Jones, Carrick, Buttner; Mata, Fletcher, Fellaini, Young; Kagawa; Rooney.

  • Juam Mata scores his debut goal for Utd!!!!

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  • 1-1

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  • Man Utd are actually pretty good away from home this season. It's only at home really where they are having problems.

  • Manchester United to WIN---> 1-2

  • May Man Utd get back to winning ways. Amen!