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  • Bench Rooney more often! Please!

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  • Januzaj...kosovo boy

  • @Miike Moyes didnt want to risk an injury to DDG as well as Carrick, Rio, Buttner, and Welbeck

  • ManU: 4 Shots On Target = 4 Goals

  • Anybody know why De Gea didn't play?

  • Amazing how much better Mata is as a 10, world class as a 10, useless as a winger

  • When are chelsea going to recall mata and sturrdige from their loans?

  • 2 goals and an assist from Mata as a 10. You watching Moyes?

  • Man United are getting absolutely dominated

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  • Kagawa should start behind Welbeck

  • Where Valencia....

  • No rooney no chance...

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  • yeah sure gurubetmaster TWO goals coming from this newcastle side is hard to believe.I don't think manu will be that tired playing against a bayern side who were more interested in passing the ball backwards and sideways.

  • Newcastle win 2-1 Manchester is exhausted from the last match with Buyern plus Newcastle won Manchester away 0-1

  • 3-0 for Manchester United

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  • dont think vidic should start..keep him fresh for bayern

  • Revenge is sweet.. Go United!!