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Team P W D L GF GA GD Pts Form
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Team P W D L GF GA Pts P W D L GF GA Pts P W D L GF GA Pts
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Team Characteristics


+ Liverpool's Strengths

Shooting from direct free kicks
Very Strong
Finishing scoring chances
Very Strong
Counter attacks
Very Strong
Attacking set pieces
Very Strong
Creating chances using through balls
Very Strong
Creating chances through individual skill
Very Strong
Creating scoring chances
Very Strong
Creating long shot opportunities
Coming back from losing positions
Stealing the ball from the opposition
Defending set pieces

+ Chelsea's Strengths

Creating scoring chances
Very Strong
Creating long shot opportunities
Very Strong
Attacking down the wings
Counter attacks
Attacking set pieces
Aerial duels
Defending set pieces

- Liverpool's Weaknesses

Defending against long shots
Avoiding individual errors
Very Weak
Protecting the lead
Very Weak
Stopping opponents from creating chances
Very Weak

- Chelsea's Weaknesses

Avoiding offside
Very Weak

Liverpool's Style

  • Attempt through balls often
  • Attack through the middle
  • Short passes
  • Possession football
  • Take a lot of shots
  • Consistent first eleven
  • Opponents play aggressively against them
  • Playing in their own half
  • Non-aggressive

Chelsea's Style

  • Attack through the middle
  • Take a lot of shots
  • Possession football
  • Short passes
  • Control the game in the opposition's half
  • Opponents play aggressively against them
  • Rotate their first eleven
* Strengths, weaknesses and styles are calculated from statistics of each player's latest two seasons

Match Forecast

Chelsea will create many scoring chances
Extremely Likely
Chelsea will score a long shot
Very Likely
Chelsea will control the game in the opposition's half
* Match forecast is generated from clashes in team characteristics.

User Predictions

Comments (105)

  • Liverpools problem in this game no plan B, surely they knew Chelsea would set up like this did Rodgers learn nothing of Jose when they worked together!

  • Whoscored, you really do not understand formations and positions. It's getting laughable now. Giving up on your site.

  • @RelentlessPressure Whats wrong with the formation?

  • @cris both are wrong

  • @cris Look at Chelsea's last two games... the striker was hugely isolated in both and they have put 4-3-3.... what's worse is that the opposition's formation is also wrong in both...

  • @cris Thanks for all the downvotes. None of you know anything at all about football if you think this game was 4-3-3 vs 4-3-3. Chelsea at best were 4-5-1 and arguably 6-3-1. Liverpool were playing a diamond. What can I expect though, most of you downvote any comment you disagree with or don't understand. Most of you act like children.

  • @cris Just look at average player positions..

  • @Exti And apparently I am wrong, LOL. The problem is 95% of people that watch football just ball watch and don't actually understand tactics, formations and strategy. We have a stats site here and they have the formations wrong in the majority of their games. If I don't see a game I have to go to advanced match report and player positions to know what shape the two teams were actually playing as whoscored don't understand formations. I watched 90 minutes of this game anyway so know exactly how both sides set up.

  • Damn, I'm starting to believe that Mourinho can do really some kind of magic... Lost my 1x bet lol

  • Torres Torres Torres!!!!!!!

  • I think that morinho is the best coach that i have ever seen,with no offensive in his team but still he won no matter how he did it(just defending with all the team) unfortunately liverpool the team that i love so much, lost the game but they didn't lose the trophy. you'll never walk alone

  • There goes liverpools title.pity 2day thy cld nt grind out a penelty shame poor lost souls.

  • @shalongooo They're still top you mong

  • Let's see how many penalties should Chelsea get but the damn ref did not give? haters always gonna hate. If you are good enough, just score against bus

  • @archwu8 U make sense

  • so many bitter Liverpool fans on here, posting absolute rubbish

  • Chelsea play such disgusting football! Honestly it's insulting to the game the way they just sit back and waste time. I hope Chelsea gets knocked out of the UCL by Athletico! At least teams like City and Arsenal can beat us properly. Bunch of dickheads, all of them.

  • @Abdul1997Alim Hang ur self already pank

  • arggggghhhh. I HATE YOU CHELSEA.

  • Thank you Chelsea for winning :) Man United fan.

  • @rkmiitm And you like City the oilers winning the league?

  • @Ivannnnn I prefer them over liverpool


  • I am Barcelona fan. While watching the match I thought to myself how football has evolved in defensive way, switching from attacking style that prevailed in mid 2000s until few years back while Barca dominated. Mourinho emerged as "anti christ" displaying absolute defensive football! Almost a style in which opposition is force to attack, and their attacks are doomed from the begining. This is something that changed the way team played in reacent years against Barcelona, and they simply copied this style which is basically simple, but genius. I know how difficult is to beat Mou, and I feel sorry for Liverpool and epecially Gerrard! Gerrard isn't to be blamed for sure! He left his heart on the pitch! Everyone on Liverpool squad did! I hope attacking football will find a way around Mourinho as Guardiola did so many times. Defence is part of the game, I don't mind it, I just mind Mou telling his players to spend time in first 20 mins?! To lay on the pitch every time they have a chance?

  • Special One :)

  • Instead of blaming gerrard you blame chelsea's playing style ! Simple Liverpool fans Logic !

  • Could not watch the match, however why am I not surprised about Suarez ends another big match with empty hands??!! Ironies apart :) it's annoying, such skillful player! I start to think is a kind of curse.


  • Liverpool's divers vs Chelsea's parked bus. Both terrible attitude to the game. To be honest Man City may have spent a lot but at least the football they play is good and doesn't rely on cheating. I hope they win the title.

  • Playing Chelsea or any Mourinho team is like playing that team with the kid who stands in front of the small goal posts all of the time.

  • The luck loves the bus drivers

  • Parks the bus all the time , gets called special one. Sam does it , calls him '19th century' flop . Di Matteo & Jose are surely lost brothers

  • @soul_snatcher they call him the special one because he accomplish things you can only dream of not because of his play style moron , tell me another coach that can get the CL title with porto then critisize him

  • @MHoY lol you half-wit , he is self-acclaimed special one , nobody but gullible callous people like yourself worship him who have nothing to look upon to. He had 2004 Portugal Euro winners in his porto winner. He is no special just ordinary. And your club won by parking bus against barca in '10 or shal i call it aeroplane?

  • @MHoY Actually they call him Special One because he named himself that way :)

  • @MHoY someone named AVB comes to mind. did you criticize him?

  • Bus parker or no but the guy sure knows how to win the big games....I hope Diege Simeone gives him a suckerpunch :p

  • Chelsea is best bus parker.

  • Rodgers was quite a irresponsible coach out there taking such a vital match for granted and letting jose poison his brain midway with some quirky banter. Instead he should have been improvising gameplans to knock-out chelsea. Unprofessional and probably cost lpool the title

  • @commandozap Yeah, a few seconds of our managers chating at the beginning of the game surely has lost us the title. Come on...

  • Just Wow


  • @Sinaj More like a bus conductor

  • come on liverpool, you can do it!!

  • Liverpool's midfied is way shaky , no strong anchor at all.

  • 0:1 i knew it! ;]

  • FA dont seem to like chelsea...

  • If Liverpool don't manage to score in the first 20-25 minutes it will go down to the wire.

  • @rust.cohle: Respect!

  • I think 0-0 draw with lots of yellow cards and a red or two

  • Liverpool will make history today !!! Good luck !

  • Liverpool to have player sent off within first 35 min. My bet is on Gerrard,dening willian a goal scoring oppurtunity.

  • Chihuahas 7 - Little donkeys 0

  • I want us to win by a non-existend penalty, just so Mourinho once and for all stops bitching about "the ghost goal"! We. Go. Again.

  • Marchisio, I don't think Chelsea have any chance for the title now, all they can do is help City win it

  • Surprising 0:1 ;) If Chelsea take the win will have a slight chance for the title too.

  • Massive game for Liverpool...YNWA! #champions

  • Feel of a Liverpool F.C. win today! #YNWA

  • Liverpool, show us the that football is above money,give us a reason to believe #YNWA PS: Mou's downplaying tactics - surpise the opponent with a strong performance and win, or don't surprise them and lose and claim you were never in it.

  • 0:1 or 0:0 100%

  • 5-1,zt`s liverpool 2013-2014!

  • 1-3

  • @LFCJFT96 I couldn't agree more mate

  • This overhyped liverpool team will win tomorrow, but only because of the FAs lack of justice for the teams in Europe. Chelsea with a full squad surely is a better team than this liverpool team, who still has to play 60+ games to be considered a good team.

  • @Ferit22 You may be suffering from a transmittable disease named Moaninhotitis. Please visit a doctor in order to apply a combination of the moan-cleanser and eye-opener. You can find doctor's office located at Anfield! In meanwhile enjoy your antifootball, you little piece of plastic!

  • @Ferit22 I'm sick and tired of everyone connected with Chelsea complaining. The Mourinho Effect must cause moaning.

  • Liverpool are on an incredible,unbelievable and slightly worrying run.Anyway,let us leave that for the moment.What chance does...a Chelsea B side have against the formidable Liverpool side?Rodgers says...the pressure would be on Chelsea,in this game?For what reason?No one is expecting Chelsea to win the title anymore?The bookies should be taking bets on the odds of...all the top four finishing teams...claiming a trophy each.I do not see Liverpool beating Chelsea.I am predicting a draw.And I would surprised,if I hear Chelsea have knicked it,Liverpool 0 Chelsea 0

  • @talk4u I'm sorry, what qualifies you to make predictions? You always comment on here but I don't think anyone cares.

  • Mourinho already trying to get the excuses in

  • nice strategy from Mourinho saying "the focus is on the CL", the only sentence that i have missed is "congratulations to Liverpool for the league title!" Chelsea is having a big squad and they will try to trick Liverpool

  • liverpool 2_0

  • Jose Maurinho has made it clear that he doesn't want City to win the title, he'd much rather Brendan Rodgers (best friend in football) win it, If Chelsea can upset Liverpool then only City will gain from this, is probably unlikely Chelsea will just leave the game to Liverpool but we all know that Jose is set on the Champions League this time and I think he's going to allow Liverpool make history for first time since a quarter of a century, it will be amazing for Liverpool, amazing for the fans, amazing for the best race in EPL so far and most amazingly for Hillsborough 96!

  • @albgunn If Liverpool win then its a shame for all big spenders like Chelski and City. Mou would rather have City win than LFC or Arsenal regardless of what he says.

  • easy Liverpool win Chelsea concentrates more on CL

  • The Big One

  • Mourinho will try his best to win against liverpool but knows that the BPL is almost over(Liverpool most likely to win bpl). I think he is more focused on champions league than this game. Don't be surprised if you see a weak Chelsea line up. They will probably rest up their important players on Wednesday if they want a trip to Lisbon.

  • @Shadow_mo95 ....or just google?

  • @Shadow_mo95 That was very brave statement you made right there. How come you know this stuff? Psychic?

  • Liverpool Set to rock again and again.................<<<<<

  • Come on Chelsea <3

  • 利物浦的冠軍!

  • 楼下丧心病狂! 切尔西是冠军! 曼城是冠军!

  • 利物浦是冠军

  • don't listen to him!!! he is trying to jinx us!

  • Congratulations to Liverpool for winning the title, really deserved it because of their way of playing

  • Liverpool win.

  • Winning this game can almost win them the title, that should be enough motivation and they are playing at home! The title is their's to lose now. Come on!

  • If we did lose this game, which we won't, it would still be in Liverpool's hands, pretty much. Chelsea would be 2 points off and if City did win all their games in hand they will be level with us due to goal difference. It will make for a nerve wrecking last 2 games where City and Liverpool will be trying to outscore each other. Any neutral would love that but please god, don't put me through that Liverpool!

  • @David20 As it stands, Man City have a superior goal difference of 4 goals and they've a game in hand. If L'pool lose, your best hope is a goal difference of 5 (LP lose by only 1), while MC will have 2 hands in game (i.e. at least +2 goal difference, IF they win the two matches). So, really, considering goal difference alone, Liverpool will very likely lose to Man City. I think the fortune is on Liverpool's side, because I don't expect them to lose to Chelsea and I feel Man City could drop points to Everton.

  • @6seconds Yeah you're right. I didn't look at it that way. Although I'd say we could easily get 7-10 goals on the final day against Newcastle haha

  • @6seconds That's what I thought too. Lose is not an option. But if Liverpool do win, the title is in their hands. They could afford to draw against either Palace or Newcastle and win one of those two matches.

  • @Adnan. No, no they cant do it, they just lost to Sunderland, crystal palace and Aston villa. all in their last SIX games

  • @liverpool98 Haha, couldn't agree more.

  • If we lose this game it would be feel like someone has just got a knife and stabbed me a thousand times but on the other hand if we win i will get an instant BONER.

  • 3-1 4-2

  • Come on Chelsea <3 , you can do it <3

  • Come on Liverpool!