Match Summary

Liverpool Newcastle United
Were effective at creating goalscoring opportunities through individual skill
Were effective at creating goalscoring opportunities from the flanks
Were effective at creating goalscoring opportunities from set-pieces
Were strong at finishing
Were caught offside often
Were aggressive
Commited a high number of individual errors
Lost possession often
Gave away a lot of free-kicks around the box
Had a large quantity of possession in their opponent's half
Played with width
Favoured long shots
Attacked down the right side
Dominated possession
Favoured short passing

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Comments (57)

  • I want to say as a Liverpool fan, I'm proud of the club. We've achieved so much this season. As Suarez said: a golden age is coming.The future is looking great. At the end of the day, we came second without spending billions unlike city and chelsea. Our fans are genuine, unlike the plastic city and chelsea fans. And to all those saying Gerrard bottled it. It wasn't his fault, mistakes happen: that's how you haters were born.

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  • Liverpool came close to winning the league for the first time in 25 years and Steven Gerrard bottled it :)

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  • @xxxxxSPAxxxxx I wasn't crying you mong lmfao, At the time Chelsea were losing, City were winning it meant nothing at all, just fed up of the referee's being awful

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  • @xxxxxSPAxxxxx Liverpool were an inch away from the title, they are playing some of the bets football in Europe, easily within the top 7/8 teams in the world right now, and you call us yesterday's team? Na mate, we're on the Up, Liverpool fans have every right to be excited about the future

  • @Miike correct......you were an inch away from the title......and then you bottled it! thats my point! Liverpool do play some good football but lack bottle and invention eg., Chelsea, Norwich, Newcastle. You need to get real; this season was your chance to do something....no European football, better teams like Man Utd and Spurs badly underperforming etc etc......you've blown it! you'll never have a better chance and now its gone....just like Suarez probably will be too. Liverpool were a proper side once back in the 70's and 80's....that's over now; any number of bigger clubs could come in and pick the bones out of your side as they choose and your players will go for the opportunity of regular silverware and titles. Excited is not the word to describe how you should feel.....gutted and nervous is what you should be......someone pass this lad the Kleenex again

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  • @Miike We lost the league, but I am so damn proud of the team, except the defense lol, for a wonderful season. I am sure we will do wonders next season, when Roger revolutionalize the defense.

  • @DelJuve Exactly, a few months ago we'd have been ecstatic with 4th place, an incredible season, Rodgers has really turned this club around, there's always next season anyway, If we sort out our defense there's no reason we can't challenge again

  • @Miike Its all because of referees you know.....2 dodgy free kicks led to 2 dodgy goals....its been the same all season....cheating referees. If it wasnt for referees Newcastle would have won the title Miike

  • @Miike haha "don't f*ck this up."

  • Liverpool's defence has once again cost them. Hope Rodgers strengthens this area in the summer rather than focus on attacking talent. An undisciplined back line will do no good in the champs league.

  • @Philip_AE - Liverpool have conceded 50+ goals in a 38-game top-flight season for the first time since 1914-15, It's a madness really

  • just like the scousers to finish the season with a whimper lol

  • If West Ham win, and we lose/draw this game because of the referee (Again) the FA should really look at the situation, so many games this season have been decided by the refs, far more than any other season

  • @Miike hahahahahahahahahahahaha.....Scousers getting leathered again!

  • Hahahahahs

  • Wow, Referee's yet again showing why the Premier League will never be fair, absolutely appauling refereeing this season, Liverpool should be 1-0 up and what happens? They go and score down the other end, Referee's have decided this season on their own, even though this game will mean nothing

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  • @vettyvignesh Keep talking about history, means nothing now, Liverpool are five times the side United are these days

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  • @khonda We lost to Chelsea and City because of the refs... we'd have ran away with the league if the refs were acceptable

  • @Miike so the ref tripped your slipper? Oops I meant skipper

  • @khonda In December you mug, if you can't remember that just shows you know very little about whats gone on this season

  • @Miike Dry your eyes muppet

  • If fate ever existed then i wish it could strike Liverpool today, because the crown is no longer in their hands is all luck now that's left to player for! CMON WHU! Shock the league today and do the right thing!

  • ill also be checking up on epl's live match centre thingy throughout the match, everyone else at Anfield today please tell me haha YNWA

  • ill be at Anfield today to cheer on the boys :D im so exited I cant sleep

  • Liverpool F.C. shall win the title today! #YNWA

  • All Liverpool can do today is win there own game. Everything is out of thier hands. I wish, though, that Rodgers had called WHU a useless team with no chance in hell of winning the CIty game. Calling them a good team is only going to put pressure on them where as calling them crap would have gave them something to fight for/to prove wrong, especially Allardici with an ego that suits his fat head.

  • Allen OUT Coutinho IN

  • Liverpool to WIN---> 3-1

  • I don't care what others say. We can still win the league! Even if we don't, we have been incredible this season. Next season will only get better! With the UCL bringing quality players in and fixing our weaknesses, we will be a force. At least at the end of the season we can say we challenged for the title without spending billions. YNWA

  • @Abdul1997Alim sht isnt this exactly what i wanna say :D sucks to abu dhabi

  • you can dislike the comment all you like but its a fact

  • @swagio haha no it's not, Chelsea scored 103 in 09/10 when they won the league which was the only time any had scored 100 or more, Man City are now only the 2nd team to have scored 100 goals in the league. Come sunday you will be potentially the 1st team in the history of the premier league to score 100 goals and not win the title now that's a fact ;)

  • @Titou14 Still a record ;)

  • its been done before.

  • Will Liverpool be the 1st premier league team to score over 100 goals & not win the league?

  • @Titou14 yes definitely

  • Newcastle draw 1-1 :)) good luck to the TOON

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  • We are the champiions :P

  • @DelJuve U jnixed it stupid

  • @JaydeepJG what?

  • @DelJuve well, then again... you might just unjinx it with that question.

  • u will see :D

  • hmmm, I agreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • a bit too early prediction

  • 3-1