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  • What a goal, Ronaldo!!!

  • Modric Has Been Brilliant , One Of Our Best Players This Season , Hala Madrid !

  • Has to be Ronaldo. That's 31 goals in all competitions this season I believe. He's had a decent number of assists too. Be careful that you don't take him for granted.

  • Modric has been our player of the season.

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  • Luka Modric still in scintillating form. Amazing midfielder! Great game from both former Spurs players!

  • patrikovic is schizophrenic & extravagantly deluded doofus. Gws , take ur pills

  • Patrikovic has misplaced brain

  • Patrikovic has failed yet again. Worst troll of all time.

  • This is why Morata must not be sold

  • looks like patrikovic escaped the asylum

  • Crackling football by Real Madrid.

  • di maria good gol

  • now he did lol

  • Betis keeper has not even dived on either goal lol

  • beasty bale

  • Patrikovic should be admitted to mental asylum asap

  • Ronaldooooooo

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  • if madrid wins it wil be 500 th win in career for anceloti with all clubs...isco is looking great cr also benzema always ready tgo score..masdri9d win no doubt

  • Everybody report Patrikovic. The only thing he does is to talk shit and make false "predictions". Always.

  • Betis has loaned Leo Baptistao.

  • 0-4 Cr7 x2 goals ,bale x2

  • bale needs to redeem himself asap , carlo is giving him max playing time he can to sharpen his gameplay On the other hand he should do the same for isco & jese. Lets be honest , di maria has been woeful ,predictable crosser & loses ball more often but ppl quickly defend him for goal he scores At times. With ronaldo struggling to score , benz cr7 isco jese should be our line up but carlo knows he needs his other big players for upcoming big games so he starts likes of angel bale etc to bestow upon them ,the playing time which can only sharpen their skills & rejuvenate them for the future war.

  • real win i think and hope ..bale needs to prove himself in madrid with a goal asap-.-

  • Carlo has confirmed 3 players - cr7 , bale & cr7 to start that leaves di maria , isco & jese fighting for one spot , damn.

  • 0-2

  • 1:2