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Probable Lineups Statistical Comparision

(66) 43 Goals 79 (103)
(47) 30 Assists 54 (80)
(6.7) 7 Average Ratings 7.4 (7)
30.4 Average Age 30.5
181.5 Average Height (cm) 182.7
(1) 1 Shots pg 1.8 (1.3)
(54%) 59% Aerial Duel Success 55% (58%)
(0.7) 0.7 Dribbles pg 0.8 (1)
(1.6) 1.5 Tackles pg 1.4 (1.5)
* Values in brackets (x) are overall player statistics in LIGA BBVA.

Missing Players

Player Reason Status Rating
Sebastián Cristóforo Out 6.54
Denis Cheryshev Out 6.18
Daniel Carriço Out 7.16
Player Reason Status Rating
Sami Khedira Out 6.75
Álvaro Arbeloa Out 6.83
Jesé Out 6.65
Sergio Ramos Out 7.47
Ángel Di María Out 7.46

Team News

  • Sevilla coach Unai Emery opted to rest captain Ivan Rakitic at the weekend ahead of the welcome of Madrid. Marko Marin and Alberto Moreno were also rested, so expect all three to start this game.
  • With their win against Osasuna, Unai Emery equaled the record set by Juande Ramos of five straight La Liga wins. In addition, Sevilla have now scored on each of their last 14 home games, another record.
  • Sergio Ramos, who only returned from suspension at the weekend, will sit this one out following his red card against Barcelona.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo could face discplinary action along with Sergio Ramos for his comments made about referee Undiano Mallenco after their loss on Sunday night.
  • Madrid will appeal the red card give to Ramos on Tuesday in the hope of clearing him to play on Wednesday.


  • Madrid suffered an epic loss to Barcelona on Sunday night. Despite being on control of the game at times, the red card to Sergio Ramos meant Los Blancos failed to get back into the game. The defeat was their first in 31 games in all competitions and it has opened up the title race once again.
  • Carlo Ancelotti cannot be blamed too much for the loss to Barcelona. He stuck to the same tactics and personnel that saw Madrid considered outright favourites for La Liga ahead of Sunday's match. He was, however, criticised for his decision to sub Karim Benzema instead of Gareth Bale - who failed to perform - after his side went down to ten men.
  • Madrid will now have to regroup, knowing that just a point separates them and Barca and with a head-to-head in favour of the Catalans, they simply cannot afford to lose points from here on out. Ancelotti will have to tinker with his side however. Angel Di Maria and Sergio Ramos are suspended and Jese and Alvaro Arbeloa are out for the season. Isco is likely to come into the midfield, while Raphael Varane is all but certain to fill in at centre-back.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale failed to impact the game against Barcelona and against, Sevilla they will be gunning to return to form and silence their critics.
  • Madrid should bounce back for this game, though it will not be easy. Sevilla are difficult to beat at home and confidence is sky high at the Sanchez Pizjuan. It could be a close game, but Madrid could come out on top, though not by much.
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Comments (118)

  • Bale looked in a bad place mentally against Sevilla. The expectation of the transfer fee weighs heavily... too much pressure to do something special to justify it. He is not the best player in the world, he is not Messi or Ronaldo, he is not worth 100M Euros. But he can be very effective for Madrid long-term if given time to adapt to the Madrid style. Bale is a strong character - he did not decide the fee - I hope he bounces back from these results strongly. If not there will be plenty of takers back in the EPL.

  • Constructivity when talking about Real Madrid? I will try that on my freest time.

  • haha Exti nice one ! Dont worry keep calm , we'll be back

  • Good match but sorry we lost.....FORCA MADRID

  • Why was Pepe playing so high up the pitch? Defence needs to tighten up.

  • Ronaldo : We were playing against 12 people...Even the ball doesn't want us to win. UEFILLA !

  • Juventus fans are also starting to make me dislike Juventus. So many retarded comments without any kind of constructivity. Same as the rest of the infants like Godfather, FR07 and kobe02 who think they are some hilarious trolls (which they are not lol), even though being internet hero is their only dream. Hope your parents will catch you and ground you.

  • This this defeat too Barca's and referee's fault?

  • RMCF = Real Madrid Crying Fuc*ers

  • the amount of butthurt rm fans in this site is ridiculous..LOL

  • Lopez is a average keeper from the start , welldone perez by benching our captain ! Laliga is over for us which we could have ended for barca

  • Why didn't Ancelotti play Isco since the beginning, he is a more offensive minded players, he should have pushed more early on. Nevertheless, that was a good result for me! :)

  • commandozap's RISEs have crashed down! sorry dude but you need to have less faith and more silence! ;)

  • Real Madrid fans in this site are starting to make me dislike Real Madrid. They all were and still are cheering at Ancelloti, lets how they will behave by the season ending.

  • @blitz haha

  • commandozap, you were saying?

  • Lol. Neymar > Bale

  • Title isn't lost so easily. This years league has been amazing..

  • This is a comments section for the match Sevilla vs RM and all they talk about it Uefalona! Grow up people.. this section is for some healthy decisions. You lost, move on now!

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Aaaand the title is gone!

  • The moment lopez started the game after his terrible performance in clasico again, it was clear it was tough to keep them from scoring. No leader , no organised defense & no tactical resiliance. Welldone carlo by taking worst decision ever to bench casillas for a keeper who was 2nd choice to 38yr palop. Lopez is ok keeper with a burst of form but never as good as el santo. Perez deserves a slap too for influencing the decision deliberately. I hope we recover vs bvb. Vamos real

  • Real will end up third in La Liga and also get kicked out of the CL by Dortmund...what a week for them

  • Very disappointed. I think Ancelotti handled this one all wrong.

  • Worst game I've seen from Real in a long time. Horrible stuff.

  • Damn, 2 loses in a row for Madrid..

  • Morata should be already in ...for Carvajal for example .. haven't seen him for a long time now.

  • Captain Marcelo showing the spirit rolling on the pitch while there is a counter attack coming... can't really see come-back from anywhere.

  • Vamooooos #HahaMadrid

  • #HalaSevilla

  • lol madrid is losing the game, HALA SEVILLA

  • Pepe making some lunatic challenge in the middle of left flank, while 2 men are back. And Lopez... Why isn't Casillas back in starting 11 by now.

  • #HahaMadrid

  • Dafuq. :(

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Midfield looked so unbalanced with both Illara and Alonso. I honetly think Alonso should have made way though.

  • Why doesn't Marcelo just hit it first time. Like 4 or 5 times already, passing the ball to Sevilla players... argh.

  • Time for isco

  • Referee talking to Xabi after his hand was on Sevilla player's shoulder. Not like during every corner, Rakitic is making Irina jealous (referring to his attempts to hug Ronaldo)

  • Quite few times the last pass has been poor, there still is half an hour left. I think Xabi should be substituted for Isco, the faster the better.

  • Worrying sign, Real look no where near getting a goal since halftime...

  • This referee is ridiculous. Looking who is screaming louder when deciding whose foul it is.

  • What should be said then, everyone performing perfect, can't be any better? Benzema and Ronaldo epic finishing today. Perfect work in midfield by Xabi. /sarcasm off.

  • can't wait to see those so called fans talking crap about their players.

  • Xabi rather weak.. both against Barcelona and now. Maybe tired?

  • This comment has been deleted.


  • Referee just showed yellow to Bale because bunch of hillbillies went to attack the referee.

  • Nothing to do with defending .. Xabi picked bad time to dribble. But that's just my opinion. So which decision by referee favoured Real? I mean, I didn't notice anything serious. Could you at least elaborate your argument, Sir Angry?

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • What a FK!!!

  • Funny reading these comments about how referees favor barca over madrid.. just.. please pull your heads out of your asses. You are a hilarious bunch but do it at least for your own sakes.

  • C'mon Benz... how many chances do you need?

  • Is it possible for Benzema to score. It takes so many good chances for him to put it in.

  • Is it me or Carlo is becoming a lot like SAF? Referring to the gum xD

  • Real Madrid C. F. ‏@realmadrid 17m Hoy jugamos con Diego López,Varane, Pepe, Ronaldo, Benzema, Bale,Marcelo, Xabi Alonso, Carvajal, Modric e Illarra #SevillaRealMadrid #RMLive

  • Part 2 -Sevilla has some decent players such as Rakitic,Bacca,Marin,Moreno amongst others and it will be a very tight game, a true challenge to test if Madrid has what it takes to win the league. -The absence of Di Maria weakens the midfield alot and one could easily spot that in the derby against Barcelona Di Maria was by far the best player on the pitch. Match facts: -Posession to be more or less balanced between the two teams -Game at the times to take crazy rythm and the ball moving from one end to the other -Many chances created from both teams -Real Madrid lacking abit of creativity due to absence of Di Maria Score: Sevilla 0-3 vs Real Madrid 1-5

  • Part 1 Possible starting XI: Lopez Carvajal Pepe Varane Marcelo Illara/Isco Alonso Modric Bale Benzema Ronaldo Ramos,Di Maria suspended Khedira,Arbeloa,Jese injured -Both teams had games at the weekend but it was Real Madrid that had the tougher fixture as they played against Barcelona. Sevilla coach had the chance to rotate some players and i would expect Sevilla to be fresher for the match tonight. -This fixture is probably one of the hardest left for Real Madrid as they face a Sevilla side that has been playing amazingly as of late and managed to climb to 5th spot on the table as well as getting a victory in their city rivals Betis in the Europa lead. -Logic says it will be an open game, with both side creating chances and the ball moving from one end to another and it will be up to the forward trio to take the chances and get the so much needed win against a battling Sevilla side who are expected to be aggressive.

  • He is good analyzer but he is a bias bimbo.. He wrote a book on gaydiola so must be a cule

  • or just a fan of spanish football?

  • Balague is a closet british barca fan or guardiola fan? hard to tell

  • Balague is a tw@t

  • Forget the controversies now , its in best interest to wipe it off. Its difficult but no point dragging it. Even players looked convivial during training , lets try and win the liga that would be great answer to bias critics in their face. Hard 2 believe a pundit like Guilliem Balague also conspicuously strained the points which only suit barca to belittle madrid. I hope we come back stronger than expected.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • 3-1 for madrid

  • 1-1

  • A bit harsh on Ronaldo and Bale to say that they failed to impact the game. Yes Ronaldo was quiet, but won a penalty and scored it. Bale gave the ball away too much and was ineffective after the red card, but he played a key part in one of Benzema's goals and had an incredible run that should have resulted in Benzema's third. If the Real defense had held Barca out Bale and Ronaldo would have been seen to been key players in a great Madrid victory.

  • It's same in every league that referees more or less support the bigger teams against weaker ones. But what is pathetic, is how much help Barcelona got against teams that were mentioned lower. Not even going to discuss about what happens against lower teams. Therefore, complaining about referee is utterly hypocrit. Now, since some halfwits didn't realise, Neymar was OFFSIDE before the red card + penalty were awarded. If penalty was given for the foul on Iniesta, why wasn't it given for Bale when Pique tackled him? There were other similar situations for both sides that weren't awarded with a penalty. Ronaldo's penalty was also wrong, not trying to say the opposite.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • 3-2

  • @hindy - you are saying barcelona isnt the most favoured club by referee's in europe? Started following football this season or a year back? Madrid , Arsenal , Chelsea are prominent examples from past few years? About this year? Check barca vs sevilla , valencia , atletico (copa) , Ajax , 2 clasico's

  • @melton.m - which italian club?

  • Blitz are schizophrenic? or just make the points which suits your bias? "Barca spoke of RM with respect" clearly you're incongrous into oblivion of acancagou Rest of the statements you made are too hysterical to even quote in bad light . shows how much you are in touch with football since last few years..

  • Whoscored is obviously RM supporting site! And so many RM fans here too! But this introduction is just ridiculous, aren't journalists supposed to be realistic and objective? I guess it's impossible to be objective. I feel bad for RM fans after that defeat, but guess what! It's all about knowing how to lose and being humble. It's the art of self control... It grants a person with many benefits. Ronaldo (as a leader) and RM don't have this kind of composure... Alonso disappointed me too.. He seemed like a classy guy. All in all, RM are sore winners( They were cheering for so long this season, and just trash talked every other team including Barca). Barca is winning all decade long, and they always spoke of RM with respect. There's the main difference... Especially Ronaldo, man this guy is just like some kid. He needs to grow up and realize that he's not a center of the universe. Yeah, confidence thing was sweet for a while, but it's just pathetic now really...

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • HALLO EQUINOX,Diego Costa unfortunately not part of the "superstars" that we can use in fantasygame (Fantascudetto managed by SKY TV), on the other hand he is exploded this year football talking I support real madrid in the LIGA, the desire that puts cristiano ronaldo when playing is exemplary, not like in Italy where the players are committed only when there are "big match"

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • @Hindy - Its not our fault that Elche celebrated like they won the WC and wasted time it was a penalty the ref can not stop the game for it so get over it I find it funny how Barca are still third and Atleti only hold a head to head advantage on the table NEITHER one of them could beat us without the referee's help even you know deep inside the ref helped Barca win

  • ...and most cases winning them of course.

  • @commandozap (from a neutral fan's point of view) There always is going to be a tendency in refereeing to favour "big" clubs (be it Real Madrid, Barcelona, etc.), which sadly is inevitable and stop talking bullshit that it's only Barca benefiting from it, because RM are on quite the same level with Barca when it comes to whining about "penalties", "cards", "fouls" (brackets on purpose).

  • i would be delighted if isco starts but carlo will go ahead with illara to contain their lethal attack

  • Sevilla are absolutely in top form , i mean they are literally at the pinnacle of their season . Beating betis in the derby in a dramatic fashion , hammering valladolid , winning at dreaded el sadar , beating la real and crushing almeria. This has to be attributed to unai emery's genius , most underrated coach ever !! Moreno , Rakitic , Reyes , Bacca , Marin , Gameiro , Vitolo can cahnge the game within moments. Real Madrid need to be best if they need a push in the title race , else one mistake would cost them. Ramon Sanchez Pijuan doesnt breed many happy memeories for los blancos in the past.

  • I am expecting a very ambitious and attacking approach from Real to hammer Sevilla even they are good at home. 1-3 or 1-4 would be possible and maybe Ronaldo will score twice.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Illara will start instead of isco.

  • King Messi? More like penalty king who got thoose chances because of two divers.. Get admitted to psychiatric ward Jay g*y Without referee's help , you get hammered 7-0 just like Bayern a year back. Bloody uefalona shameless knobs

  • Uefalona's success is based on numerous referee incidents . If that wasnt the case these newbie's wouldnt have been supporting uefalona.. Incidents against Madrid , Arsenal , Chelsea are casted in iron of shame. Doesnt matter , that still vagrant disgraceful club will be still trailing . And league aint over yet.

  • I swear some of the Madrid fans on here are so clueless, the only wrong decision that was made was Ronaldo's outside the box penalty and possibly the sending off of Ramos which was a 50/50 call. But both penalties that Barça received were CLEAR penalties. Just accept the L and stop complaining.

  • DRAW---> 2-2

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Just now As and marca reporting Ramos ban is upheld , shows how naive RFEF is , that non-existent foul where neymar dive was NOT even yellow ... People in RFEF want barca amidst race for title between two madrid teams , thats whats happening , else they were dumped far beyond.

  • Messi gets fouled outside , gets penalty vs city. Leave that , Ramos red card for non-existent foul in which neymar dove like a vagrant? Its a shame player like Iniesta joins the rank of diving too.. So desperate uefalona were , it shows.. They just had to fake it , and RFEF made sure Undiano will do the rest Foul by Mascherano on Ronaldo in first clasico? A clear penalty denied by same ref and yet such ref who had his hands dirty was appointed clarifies clear plans of RFEF.. There are many incident in ajax match too.. Cules complaining about refs is like sun rising in the south

  • @hindy - what about sevilla , valencia and Atletico(copa) ? Ring something? Even Valencia at camp nou were robbed with blatant penalty which never existed , still defeated you ! Referee favourism to uefalona is age-old practise. None can deny that

  • @commandozap Forgot to mention - Ronaldo gets fouled outside the box and gets a penalty - that surely is a sign of pro-Barcelona refereeing, isn't it?

  • Time for Illara to shine !

  • @commandozap Typical madrid mentality... How about your away fixture v Elche (and couple others)? Well, let me tell you that it was one of the worst robberies ever seen. And this is not a solitary example, so stop whining about "biased" refs.

  • Ancelotti: "Real Madrid will not denounce Busquets because it is not the custom of this club."

  • That was a robbery , lets forget about that. We need to comeback stronger by winning all those remaining games. Atletico can drop points Vs Villareal , Levante , Bilbao , Valencia , Malaga , even Granada..Its not easy for them..

  • After blatantly being cheated by Barca i hope we smash Sevilla without conceding and lets just all hope Atleti drop some points because Madrid will NOT lose anymore games.

  • Sevilla will face the brunt

  • @jay - seek a professional psychiatrist ,bum.

  • Sevilla on top form, good luck Madrid..

  • hello Marco, if it depends on the price alone, I'd go for Diego Costa. He is sure cheaper than messi or Cr to acquire and almost as good. Take this season for example, the guy is spectacular. On: goals, goals, goals. Sevilla's form is sky-high and Real scores 3 even when they lose. When to bet an over if not now?

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • thank you Exti,i'm Marco from italy ...I'm playing to italian fantasy game where I can put in formation also some foreign big player like Ronaldo,Messi,Suarez etc....whic is your suggestion?

  • Cristiano got 4th yellow, not 5th.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • This match will give a hint if really are up for the league challenge or we losy it this sunday itself.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • @commandozap precious lead? Atletico leading m, HAHA madrid.

  • some one of you knows if cristiano ronaldo will be suspended? in the last game he got the 5th yellow card..

  • Time to pick ourselves back up and not to lose that precious lead at all... Hala MAdrid

  • 2:2

  • Go Sevilla, do it for Atleti!!

  • Predictions Sevilla 1 vs 3 Real Madrid #iHalaMadrid

  • RISE