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  • @Patrikovic We also were without our strikers (Barral, Xumetra). See you again next week. Same place, same result, same excuses.

  • I'm a Levante fan/supporter, I luckily predicted the 1-1 draw. Surprised we actually could have won 1-0 if the official didn't give a corner that resulted from a foul!

  • barca lose because tata martito ouit best three players

  • Anyway Barca was closer to win, they had a 2 99% moments to score!

  • Uh oh.

  • 2:3 against Real Madrid and Atletico (anyway Levante could win these matches)... 1:1 against Barca... WTF??

  • My congrats for Levante! They revenged an insult 7:0!!!

  • ahhahahahah....barcelona hahahhahaha

  • I hope petrovik will predict something

  • alexis sanchez is the worst player to wear the number 9 for Barca in their history...shite, doesnt contribute individually or collectively...so rubbish...cant even dribble or score...just another headless runner

  • YEAH! Way to Levante!

  • hala levante...

  • Barca score pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  • 70% Levante will not score more, 100% Barsa will score 1 or 2 more goals!!!

  • I'm surprised! Levante is playing very good now!

  • OMG!!! where is rock solid BARTRA????? Oh i see you don't want cleansheet for this match,don't you TATA??

  • Levante plays football which many La Liga clubs model themselves after.

  • levante plays rugby

  • 1-1

  • Messi hatrick!!!!!!