Probable Lineups


Probable Lineups Statistical Comparison

(103) 77 Goals 35 (45)
(80) 64 Assists 21 (31)
(7) 7.3 Average Ratings 6.8 (6.5)
35.6 Average Age 36.6
182.4 Average Height (cm) 181.5
(1.3) 1.9 Shots pg 1.2 (0.9)
(58%) 57% Aerial Duel Success 50% (47%)
(1) 0.8 Dribbles pg 0.6 (0.5)
(1.6) 1.4 Tackles pg 1.5 (1.5)
* Values in brackets (x) are overall player statistics in Primera Division.

Missing Players

Real Madrid
Rayo Vallecano
Player Reason Status Rating
Sami Khedira Out 6.75
Álvaro Arbeloa Out 6.83
Jesé Out 6.65
Player Reason Status Rating
Leonel Galeano Out 6.51
Tito Out 6.73
Nery Castillo Doubtful 6.26

Team News

Real Madrid
Rayo Vallecano
  • Sergio Ramos returns from suspension and will line up alongside Raphael Varane in defence as Pepe could be rested.
  • Angel Di Maria also returns from suspension and will be reinstated straight back into the first team.
  • Xabi Alonso is clearly feeling fatigued and Carlo Ancelotti may opt to give him a much-needed rest.
  • A survey by Marca during the week that asked who is most responsible for Madrid's current malaise and almost 70 per cent of voters said the players. The two most culpable were Xabi Alonso and Diego Lopez.
  • Jose Carlos returned to the field of play on Wednesday after a lengthy spell on the sidelines with injury.
  • Rayo's win over Osasuna in midweek saw coach Paco Jimez pick up the record for the coach with the most wins in La Liga in the club's history. His record in 68 games includes 26 wins, 8 draws and 34 losses.


  • Real Madrid have been in free-fall this week. They went into the Clasico four points ahead of Barcelona and now they find themselves behind their rivals following their loss to Sevilla on Wednesday night. The Andalucians were deserving winners too, as the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale - for the second game running - failed to make an impression.
  • Another player who has been far from his best is Xabi Alonso. The former Liverpool player has been a consistent presence in the Madrid midfield since he returned from injury. His return back in November coincided with the start of an incredible 31-game unbeaten streak by Los Blancos that came to an abrupt end in the Clasico. After so much football, Xabi has looked tired in the two games this past week and could find himself on the bench and he probably will not have any complaints about the decision.
  • Carlo Ancelotti is going through is most difficult period since arriving in Spain. His side desperately need to get back to winning ways if they are not to completely throw away their chances of winning the league. He might ring in the changes for this game against a side that Madrid, even if out of form, should be able to win. However, one suspects that both Bale and Ronaldo will still start this one.
  • Unlike their hosts, Rayo have had a splendid week. After picking up four points, they have moved themselves closer to safety. They will be confident and though they know that playing Madrid at the Bernabeu is an extremely difficult proposition, they will be ready to give it their best.
  • Madrid will dominate this game and they will need no motivating - their title hopes are on the line. At home they will be a good bet to pick up all three points. Rayo will, as most visiting teams apart from Barca, sit back and try and contain the hosts and play on the counter attack.

User Predictions

Comments (66)

  • Illara did fine , this ratings dont justify his positional awareness and transition efforts. As ppl focus on attacking players you cant spot such contributions unless you understand total football

  • Bale the best. He is generous at giving ball to teammates in time, he is fast, he is good at shooting and scoring, he is not as egoist on the pitch as Cronaldo.

  • illara played well , open ur eyes

  • Illarramendi is the weak link. Very poor player!

  • Bale is a lad can't wait to see Bale vs Reus

  • Bale needs to start putting up this kind of performances in important games as well, of course he will have enough chances to do it but still.

  • Varane should play instead of Pepe. Last 2 games quite surely proved that, at least for me. Other than that, good result, considering what we showed.

  • Bale. What a monster. Future Ballon d'Or winner.

  • Bale <3 Trully amazing.

  • That was one hell of a fumble.

  • Don't know what happened, maybe went under a lawnmower but that shot was top class. Maybe it's because of new haircut xD

  • morataaaaaaa!!!


  • Damn Morata WTF happened to your hair bro?


  • Bale the lung buster, what a lad.

  • Wow Ronaldo has an assist. Quick, call the paper.

  • Now that's the Gareth Bale I know. Rip em up lad!


  • @Exti his reflexes actually are not good..

  • What a run by Bale! Great goal :D

  • Unless Ronaldo scores some own goals and gets red carded, can't see him NOT being MotM. Today his effort has been immense, in defense as well.

  • Anyway, is it just me or Lopez just showed quite slow reflexes.

  • Nice to see Ronaldo being unselfish again :)

  • Great pass by Ronaldo.

  • I would say Real is now playing much much worse than before Barcelona match. Getting afraid of CL matches now..

  • yup the roof will be great soon

  • Even the rainy surface affects gameplay

  • nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn/nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn/

  • Great goal by Ronaldo! Too bad I missed first half.. My meeting ran way over :(

  • The retractable roof that is going to be installed is going to do wonders for wet games like these.

  • Suarez to madrid. lol

  • is suarez coming 2 madrid?

  • Bring iscoooo

  • final third passing is poor

  • What lung busting run by Bale, shame he couldn't finish the 1v1

  • Anyway, look at what Barca got penalty for against Espanyol. Same as usual

  • I am surprised that Real isn't pressing. Probably because of the heavy rain.

  • That's a goal with style.

  • Gooolazoooo

  • haha! here to those thinking barca n athletico r letting Madrid back in da title- fat chance of dat happening

  • haha! here to those thinking barca n athletico r letting Madrid back in da title- fat chance of dat happening

  • Looking down on Ronaldo.. well, last match he seemed the only one who was ready to do everything to win. Of course, considering how passionate he is, his cup was also filled in the end. But in last few games he hasn't missed too many clear cut chances, unlike Benzema. About Clasico, well, Messi indeed scored 3 goals. One of which was very lucky and 2 were fake penalties, like the one Ronaldo had. Saying that Messi devoured him.. I think it is exaggerated. Although he did perform better, no doubt. Blaming anyone won't fix our situation, men need to get over these 2 losses. (Lopez just improved his incredibly crap save ratio with a shot even I would have saved). Well, it seems like Carlo lacks character a little, I think after last game, Pepe, Xabi and Lopez should have been benched. He needs to make the decisions when it is utmost necessary. But in the end, everyone needs to finish the chances better. Anyway, I believe in my team and I believe they will bounce back.

  • Lopez is lucky to be in... better dont f4ck it up Real Madrid XI: López; Carvajal, Pepe, Sergio Ramos, Coentrão; Alonso, Illarra, Di María; Bale, Cristiano, Benzema.

  • Rayo is exactly the boost we need before dortmund game. The rust in goal-machine needs to be rejuvenated will clean barrels again. A heavy scoreline shall rocket our confidence to take care of some business unfinished from last CL.

  • Fuck off Juve fan , go and support your rigged club, Chameleon.

  • Jesé: Let's go team for the three points to keep fighting for the lead. You are big #HalaMadrid [@JeseRodriguez10]

  • Rayo is a good team and they play with alot of intensity. This game has the potential to see lots of goals but in the end it all comes down to the chances actually being converted into goals. Posession will be more or less even, both teams will create chances but Real Madrid should be able to clinch a win here. Real Madrid 2-5 vs Rayo 0-2

  • المركز الثالث لا تكلمني

  • 4-1. Forza Madrid

  • Benzema HAS to do better in front of goal. He's been scoring but honestly there's no reason why he shouldn't have scored 4-5 more goals tbh. He misses many shots and Real need him to do better because CR7 and Bale ALWAYS have a man marking them.

  • There is still hope to win the league, hopefully Atletico loses to Bilbao and Barca lose to Atleti. HALA MADRID

  • WHy the match is so late? :/ Paco Jemez is cunning coach , he almost won in last fixture. I wonder what he dream yesterday night.

  • Diego López only made two saves in the two games, just a 22% success rate as the last nine shots on Real Madrid’s goal, taken by Barcelona and Sevilla, six ended up in the back of the net and one hit the post (taking the post as part of the goal). In an internet survey run by 85% of the voters felt that Casillas should take over the goalkeeping duties for the league games from Diego López. Over 28,000 voted for Iker, compared to just 4,700 who went with the current choice for the league games.

  • I bet Liga Adelante keeper has better stats

  • Diego López: six goals conceded from last nine shots on goal

  • Diego Lopez - the average keeper with burst of form was the reason for our mess up. I blame Carlo for not using his head and playing him again & again in danger situations. Iker without much regular game has done remarkable and far better than him , the clout and influence changes things when he is there. Xabi was absent in both the crucial matches and led to our defeats.. Pepe was owned n sold in sevilla...

  • Cr7 is failing when it mattters and messi delivers when it matters . And now there is news that he has been carrying injury since schalke game. Seriously he should have been not pushing himself then , we dont want to play injured player , we have enough quality to deal with his absense. Cr7 wastes like 15 shots out of 21 . After he fails to score from majority of attempts he tries , he will look for other teammates then. Its ridiculous how selfish he is for personal glory to win his 3rd , than sleflessly care about team glory. He should quit moaning n perform . He was invisible in clasico(xcept easy penlty) where messi devoured him

  • Cristiano Hattrick!

  • 4-0

  • Real Madrid to WIN---> 2-1

  • Isco "It is a tough blow to take, because the situation in the league has changed. But we are Madrid, we are obliged to get back up and we have total confidence in our ability to reverse the situation. We have done so before, when we were six points back". He said the club are looking forward to the next game as they're keen to get back to winning ways: "The sooner the next game, the better. We want to get back into a winning pattern, because right now is the most important moment of the season" Isco asked the fans to keep the faith "Yes, it was a big blow for them to take and for us. They should stay calm, we are alive and will give absolutely everything we have. For them to stick by us is very important".