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  • FGS*

  • we are unlucky to watch this 'football' nowadays .. fuck cheated games , im not 'Real'but this games are too fucking cheated look the 2 last fixtures..ffs

  • No triple for you ...

  • Apparently Bale wasn't fit enough. I bet Morata wasted lots of good chances again. Modric for sure is not a forward, so playing 4-3-3 (if it is correct... sounds like a huge mistake to me). Better just 4-2-3-1 or even 4-4-1-1. But even then, these players should have been enough to dismantle teams like Celta. Sad to see that result but I think no one really was hoping for title challenge any more. Didn't have time to watch the match myself, maybe someone wants to make a short summary :P

  • barca is nothing without messi, real is nothing without cr7.

  • @dumpinator tbh, Real were without a lot more players than just Ronaldo.

  • @bradley.panton like 1-2 match, then the others without Ronaldo were tough or like a 1-0

  • i hope CR7 will give these players some bitchslaps.

  • They don't want the title.

  • Poor Madrid

  • lame tatics during the final matches and injuries cost them the league

  • incredible ... malaga are actually winning barca are drawing ... and we can't win with celta ?? this was our chance to win the title and we wasted it ...

  • 2-0 wow

  • Ramos and Alonso ...

  • Where's all the Madrid fans at usually about 90 comments by now

  • @Titou14 another fan here too. the line up is clear that ancelotti was just trying to rest the main players.. after reaching the champions league final, ancelotti has decided to use laliga fixtures as warm up matches for the final. its a gamble and i hope we win the Decima.

  • Here is one of them. Real is playing really bad. Is that what you wanted to hear?

  • @Capitano hah no not really but thanks anyway

  • embarrassing end of season for us really. ..

  • Sami starts.

  • RealMadrid XI: Diego López, Arbeloa, Nacho, Ramos, Marcelo; Modric, Xabi Alonso, Khedira, Casemiro; Isco; Morata

  • Benzema, di Maria, Carvajal, Pepe, Varane, Ronaldo are out. So seems like Arbeloa has to play. Wasn't Diego Lopez supposed to play in this match, honestly don't remember exactly. So should be something like: Lopez;Coentrao-Nacho-Ramos-Arbeloa;Modric-Xabi-Illarra;Bale-Morata-Isco PS: correct me if I am wrong, I have been slightly busy with studies recently so haven't had time to check all the latest news.

  • @Exti i dont trust lopez but i think he will play this game and iker will be in the goal vs espanyol. This is tough game but we will win.

  • @Exti that is correct, indeed the above mentioned players are missing and indeed that looks like a possible lineup...only other candidates for the starting XI would be Marcelo and Khedira. A tough fixture awaits Real Madrid and alot will be expected of Isco and Bale on the creativity-scoring front respectively....

  • @Turan Welcome back Turan. Where were you?

  • With the injury list of Real, there's a good chance we could see an upset. Also, Enrique will be looking to make a good impression for Barcelona. My prediction: 2-2

  • 0-1

  • Real Madrid to WIN---> 1-2