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  • sangat disayangkan tevez harus dapat yellow card, jd harus absen kontra napoli :(

  • @Viking1897= g bro, saya Bayu Juventini < Facebook @BayuJuventini < Twitter :D

  • @BayuJuventini = Boby Juve Kurniawan y? :D

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  • Not sure 'bout Juve. Last matches were quite nervous and Parma currently is one of the best teams. I'd not like that, but looks more like draw, than Juventus victory. Maybe even.. no no, that won't happen I hope :)

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  • Be carefull of CASSANO & AMAURI.

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  • fino alla fine.forza don antonio

  • Mai abbassare la guardia! Magica juve vibnce per noi!

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  • The top 2 teams of 2014. Would never imagined Parma being one of them.

  • Vinci Per Noi Magica Juventus

  • The full list of players at the Juve boss’ disposal for the 20.45 CET kick-off at Juventus Stadium is as follows: 1 Buffon 3 Chiellini 4 Caceres 6 Pogba 8 Marchisio 9 Vucinic 10 Tevez 14 Llorente 18 Osvaldo 19 Bonucci 20 Padoin 21 Pirlo 22 Asamoah 23 Vidal 26 Lichtsteiner 27 Quagliarella 30 Storari 33 Isla 34 Rubinho 38 Mattiello 42 Penna

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  • Forza JUVENTUS. We will win 2-0.

  • ◼️◻️Juventus◼️◻️ Storia de un Grande Amore Abbiamo Il Cuore a strisce Forza Grande Juventus Vecchia Signora Te Amo

  • Fino Alla Fine, Forza Juventus !!!