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  • Sin tiempo para comentar antes, pero Gran Alegria ver a Mi MILAN vencer el Clasico, FORZA MILAAAAAN!!!!!

  • WHOSCORED: Kaka hit woodwork. And the rating should be higher.

  • Where is Kaka's woodwork hit?

  • Congrats to milan

  • One of the worst derbies i have ever watched and believe me i watched alot , i excpect an intense match but no that was really boring imo

  • good game milan. from an inter fan </3 :( you deserved to win this one, hopeful we can get the next two game #forzainter

  • Balotelli with correct goal. Theft!

  • @jareczka yah. no the guy was off side ref made the right choice.

  • @gdude87 But, there are a new rules telling about it. He didn't touch a ball so the goal was correct.

  • @jareczka check again in slow motion , pazzini touch it by accident without letting the ball change it direction

  • Why Jong has 0 interception? I've seen at least 2.

  • 2-1

  • Milan will get more possession with their more cautious MFs vs Inter's more adventurous MFs. But Milan will find it hard to break down through the middle unless Balotelli regains his form. Then, the risk factor is do they push their full-backs to attack the sides or hang them back to prevent Inter's fast counter-attacks?

  • i wouldnt even watch the recap of the derby now except for balotelli..serie a wasnt like this lol

  • Ayo TOHIR!!!!!!!!

  • inter win!!

  • FORZA MILAN!!! I would always be with You !

  • I think it will be a goalless draw or 1-0 win to Milan.

  • DRAW---> 1-1


  • bbilan 1-2 Forza inter

  • Inter pasti menang... Melon 1-4 inter