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  • Lazio was dreadful. I can't wrap my head around the 3-4-3 they played. Conceded through the middle twice, then the third came when inter's left wingback, nagatomo, got forward. Look at the player positions. Dreadful. Not enough width, yet not organized enough through the center.

  • 4 ever Il Capitano Javier Aldemar Zanetti Grazie

  • Graaaaaazie Zanetti , Thank You Zanetti <3

  • Good bye Zanetti ! Respect for this man

  • Kovacic to Barcelona!

  • @Elbombardero In Your Dreams !

  • 40 years old and still out paces half of lazio. A true legend.

  • How symbolic is this match. Zanetti and probably Milito are leaving, Kovacic with today's game announces new period. I wish him 15 fruitful years in Inter and good finisher to play with.

  • Kovacic is a great talent hope we can bring him to liverpool.

  • @liverpool98 coutinho's mistake will not be repeated

  • @MHoY It was Inter's mistake not Coutinho's it was his rebirth.

  • @liverpool98 i know i meant that inter make a mistake when selling coutinho and it will not happen again

  • Great play by inter so far , hopefully we continue playing like this the second half for the capitano <3

  • kovacic is the next star... great game for inter so far. hopefully we can play every game like this!!!

  • @gdude87 i agree , mazzari is stupid for letting him on the bench for entire of the season

  • @MHoY ^mhm but you can rely on youth when the bench is full of good talent.... sadly to much drama with inter this season (guarin, milito injuries, zanetti leaving, and new owner.) its good to see we have some light in our shadows!!!

  • Forza Inter Forza Zanetti

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