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  • can't blame them too much. Milan tried to contain PSV's midfield aggresiveness, thus played 2 defensive minded mids along with monto. It's just that they didn't put a good enough display defensively. the idea was good, since PSV has been playing at their best lately in the Eredivisie. And they managed to get an away goal, that's a good news

  • Must agree with racalz. I think Milan have the players but the manager Allegri isn't playing to every player's strength. There must be a player behind and another one in front of Montolivo, an attacking midfielder and a defensive one. This will give Montolivo enough space to read the game and create chances. The attacking midfielder must be Boateng and the defensive one De Jong or possibly Poli. You can't rely on Montolivo defensively and there must me a strong player around him always. The front 3 should be Niang, Balotelli and El Shaarawy exchanging positions constantly.

  • I think Milan's midfield needs some improvements. Did not give enough support for the defense nor the offense. I expect to see better display in the 2nd leg, especially defensively since PSV's midfield are good at making chances (7 key passes tonight). Milan's midfield low offensive contribution can be explained by how deep their midfields played and that their build up were (mostly) counter - attacks.

  • Milan players ratings are too high.

  • Abbiati made a mistake, but I think he is the star of the game.

  • ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Milan front line is perfect. I'm worried about defence. I think Milan will win or draw. Losing with a difference of 1 goal could be accepted, but it will be harder for Milan in the Home game.

  • Going with a 2-2 result, Balotelli and El-Shaarawy scoring for Milan

  • Milan!!

  • 3-1 PSV

  • for betting, psv win or draw @1.513

  • easy win for psv

  • easy win for Milan

  • Milan will need to take the high tempo out of the game to get a good result.

  • Milan! Milan! MILAN!!

  • 1-0 or 2-1 for PSV ;-) But to be honest, AC Milan has better (or more expensive) players :-P and they can win today or have "high draw" (eg. 2-2). 2nd game in Milan will be decisive.

  • 1-2

  • 2:2

  • 0-1