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  • Wilshere 8 dribbles won...Wow

  • well done gunners, and fuck you haters

  • 1-0 for Arsenal,Walcott will score !

  • Arsenal wins 2-1. The media tries to make them look bad just to perpetuate the typical storylines -- fire Wenger; Arsenal don't spend on players ...

  • 2:1

  • Istanbul United!

  • I dont get the point of this game! Fenerbahce is suspended from UEFA comps for 3 years! SO what is the point of this? yeah I know they submitted an appeal, but even they know the appeal will not fructify.

  • Arsenal is sure to win this one. They rested Higuain, Suarez and Rooney in the previous game :)

  • Yeah because getting Knocked out of the Champions League is going to help attract players, half of you a fucking clueless ... COYG

  • KICK ARSENAL OUT OF CHAMPIONS LEAGUE..no aim ,no winning ,nothing..Just participating is like winning a trophy for them..

  • Szczesny is LOL goalkeeper. Arsenal's 1st game in PL was woeful.

  • I hope Arsenal loses or draw so Wenger can buy some fucking players.

  • Im gonna go with Fenerbahce 2-1 Arsenal, then on the 2nd leg Arsenal will win the match with a 2+ diference.

  • Imo it's gonna be draw. - COYG -

  • Both teams were terrible at the weekend. But Arsenal is a regular patron of the Champions League and such teams tend to win these kinds of match-ups. On the other hand Fenerbahce's participation is not even certain. The Arsenal side of the scale is heavier.