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Comments (22)

  • to dread: yeah, but he had made 4 interceptions, 15 clearances and 1 danger shot blocked.

  • how jones got 8.5 for no tackles at all? bias system

  • Kagawa is back!

  • Kagawa playing nothing!

  • where's RvP?

  • Kagawa is playing really well he deserves a club that will start him more often, no disrespect to United but Kagawa is too good to keep on the bench

  • Real Sociedad 2-1 Utd

  • key man esteban granero?you are joking no?since when granero was a key player for sociedad?in those 2 or 3 matches he was a substitute before got injured:-) agiretxe,ptieto, griezmann, vela, even holding midifielders bergara and zurutuza and this summer transfers seferovic are much more important players for arrasate than granero.

  • Knowing United this season, it will be a close game and Sociedad have a chance of getting a point.

  • @dread, then you're not really a United admirer

  • If Man U continue their atrocious form as of late, Real Sociedad stand a big chance

  • la real beat valencia when they were on roll this saturday , they can certainly beat united at trafford

  • Time to throw down the coat moyes, get back to your tack suits for sure u will win every game to come! And get to serious business if only u can play that squad that played aganist bayer leverkusen. but please play Kagawa

  • Hopefully la Real can regain their best form starting tonight. Causing the chosen one more problems.

  • Come on Moyes, play Kagawa and give a chance for Zaha. Man Utd win 3-0.

  • moyes you dumbass if you do not play kagawa this time I will seriously throw a shoe on you from the crowd

  • Seferovic should start this game instead of Agirretxe , i intended to watch this game but cant dare to miss out on madrid-juve battle of giants

  • Will Man U for sure win this game?

  • 2-1

  • play fucking kagawa moyels

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Despite being a utd admirer , i will have to miss this game and settle for full match torrent as i just cant afford to miss Madrid-Juve