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  • Arsenal has no depth. :(

  • Ramsey improve a lot this season..his defensive contribution and attacking roles absolutely fantastic.

  • edit on previous comment: I realize Dean wasn't the ref. I apologize to Benquerença for the insult.

  • That was a pretty dodgy penalty, if you ask me. He made a play on the ball and the contact was very light. OM's player sold it and Dean took the bait.

  • To bad he caused a penalty. Wouldve been Man of the Match

  • Marsielle should feel hard done by this result. Aaron Ramsey is Arsenal's best player.

  • Ramseys form is delightful

  • Looking at arsenal injury list Wenger will have a hell of a match Iam sure it will be a draw

  • Arsenal to score 1 goal from a fast break, Ozil leading it Arsenal to win at both halves.

  • Giroud and Ramsey will score. other is hard to predict

  • Ozil proves too much for marseille to handle but mandanda has a good game. I predict 0-1 arsenal

  • 0-3 or 0-4

  • Arsenal wins and over 2.5 goals. A good bet 2/3+.

  • 0-3 arsenal gonna win.....

  • Marseille for shore. They are to fast for Arsenal who will be happy if get a point from this game. Home field and full bench will get Marseille 3 point.

  • A tricky one. Could end up in a draw.

  • Look at that injury list for Arsenal..ridiculous. We should buy a whole new medical staff in Janauary! Hope we can get a win and nobody gets injured.

  • arsenal <3