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  • thats not the end of the world but mourinho needs to improve the efficiency somehow

  • I could not believe my eyes..

  • Congrats Basel. adio09x, you're an idiot. Look at the stats especially the Action Zones, the only bus in this game was parked in visitors end.

  • Overrated one who mastered the art of gimmick to cover his impotence at madrid Harsh but true fact pagan worshippers..

  • Mourinho is stupid.. De Bruyne should have started the match

  • GOOD JOB BASEL! fuck mourinho's buss.

  • Fuck Chelsea!

  • krilosmrti, it's UCL not Europa bud and the only ones with no chance are Basel of making it out of the first half alive!

  • 2-0 for Chelsea !

  • 3-0

  • Under 2.5 goals I say

  • no chance for chelsea to win at least not easy. 1:1 or not goal at all. Special One need time to settle things for Europa games. basel will defend and defend hard so if chelsea fail to score early, in first 10 min, they not gone score all game

  • Chelsea win.