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  • Easy victory

  • omg what happened to torres?

  • 0-2..

  • Hoger got injured in last domestic league match at Augsburg and with Boateng back in the squad i cannot see young and unexperienced Meyer playing at this high level.

  • 0-4 ch-ch-champions league

  • Schalke to rape chelsea..Mourinho is gonna mess up

  • Most of Schalke's best players are injured and Chelsea is hitting form, so I think Chelsea have a good chance to win comfortably. Also, no chance Torres or Mata are going to start today. Eto and Willian/Schurrle.

  • I'm going for a draw. Schalke 04 definitely good at home, a tough battle for both side.

  • FC Schalke 04 v Chelsea Chelsea’s win against Cardiff ...would give Mourinho’s men ,a little boost .No one is saying ...that the quality of Schalke is on par with Cardiff .I am just saying ...that ,Chelsea players would have been less confident ,if they had drawn or lost to Cardiff over the weekend .I am not expecting a mauling from either side .Chelsea would play cautiously ...knowing that they are the away team .And Schalke would be wary that Chelsea have the calibre of players ...that can hurt them .I see ...chelsea playing a very defensive game .They will try to break Schalke ...with a counter attacking strategy .This tactics could work ...if ,the midfielders have left some energy in their tanks ...for this game .Luckily ,for Chelsea ..Eto has opened his goal account .He still looks a bit on the heavy side ...for me .If he can drop a few pounds ...and pick up his speed ,I see him terrifying opponents(home and abroad) .Chelsea to win 1-0 says austin4sports

  • Wow there more Schalke fan then Chelski fans around here lol irony receiving bad rating. Scahlke to win I believe in it. But Chelsea may take this one based better defense lack of key personnel injuries. Well still I hope that Schalke wins. Hope for the best prepare for the worst.

  • 1-1 maybe

  • schalke1-2chelsea

  • draw i think

  • A must win game for Chelsea! Schalke 04 1 - 3 Chelsea...