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  • @gregC duh!! i said they lost the 2 games against bayern LAST SPRING and in one of those two games messi did play and in one he didn't.. so you should read the comment you are going to comment on before you jump to conclusions. :) sure he wasn't fully fit in the game he played, i know, but it wasn't the biggest reason they lost then. what difference does it make if they win with a narrow scoreline or not as long as they win? sure they have won weak opponents by one single goal many times even with messi playing. i don't know what teams are "good" in your evaluation but i'd say for example malaga prior this season and athletic bilbao.

  • @ authentic... Brown got the red card for malicious intent. It doesn't matter if he made little contact or not. his intention was to kick Neymar with the ball nowhere near. That is a direct red card no matter how small or big the contact is. It's like saying that someone who tries to pick a fight at work doesn't deserve to get fired because his punch missed the target. If you tried in the first place you deserve to get fired.

  • @StigEyrik Name me one good team that they played and won against without him ( apart from Valencia). Also almost everyone of the games that they played without him finished with a very narrow scoreline.

  • @StigEyrik Where did you get the Idea that they lost every other game against Bayern with him??? Last time they had played Bayern with Messi fully fit, they won. It was in 2008....barcelona won 4-0, Messi scored 2 You better check the facts before you say something like that.

  • I think that forster who deserve to be the man of the match(my oppinion)

  • @spiralwave, yes one of the two bayern games last spring was the only game they lost of those 30 where messi didn't play. in the other bayern game he played and they lost anyway. so basically you don't have a point at all. i understand that you don't like barca because they are so good (and your team, whatever it is, probably isn't) but i don't understand that you try and mock them without a valid point.

  • @axelmathieu He tried to kick Neymar and that's enough. And he did it though. Btw Emilio did not kick Bartra neither. Red or yellow card? What do you think?

  • Uefalona? Are you out of your mind? Didn't you see Brown kicking Neymar? That's a shame.

  • 1. Not a red card. Yellow card. 2. Celtic would have got at least a draw in my view if Uefalona hadn't benefitted from this decision. 3. Forster is a better keeper than Hart.

  • Barca were the better team won fair and square. Brown was daft i thought he had eradicated that petty side of his game as well.

  • Why they deserve to win the match because they park the Bus.....FCB was superior than them & they done it.

  • @spiralwave the red didn't change basically a thing. same amount of players defending against barca just one less up high. outcome of the match would've been the same anyway. and 1 loss out of 30 games without messi.. thats how good they are without him.

  • Again bartra was rock,pique seemed to me bit shaky At the end 2,3 glorious chances wasted. Except messi,no one in barca know how to finish!!! Need to practice finishing

  • 18% possession. LOL

  • big jock knew

  • paedo priests 0 - barca 2

  • There is so many celtic fans here or i need to call them barca haters???? Wish u guys will be around here after the match....? Barca forever,more than a club

  • 1-3

  • 2-0 but I think it will be very close because it's tough to beat Celtic at Celtic Park.

  • 1.79 is good bet to play it over

  • celtic 4-0 falcelona

  • 0 - 3

  • Celtic Park is a hell for each team. Celtic 1-1 Barcelona

  • do not underestimate celtic

  • Wow prediction 1-2 really??lol Tata is not tito or roura he got experiance mate Iam sure it will be 3-0 or 4-0 Visca el barca

  • I'm looking forward to see how Barca will react without Lionel. I hope they win so that Messi have. Ore time to rest.

  • Barcelona to reach 99% of posession this time.

  • Celtic have an incredible home record in this competition, but Barcelona just look too strong at the minute. Celtic 1-3 Barcelona.

  • barca to win 4 nil