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  • @albgunn do you really watch football ? you certainly dont given your preposterous analysis.

  • @albgunn Kleenex to wipe your tears

  • @albgunn u mad bitch?

  • Ibar <3

  • Ibra will nick one goal in the end of the match, Portugal are not a better side than Sweden, Ronaldo is poor when no1 can service him long balls, Portugal and Sweden are pretty much similar, each one have star players in the squad in Ibra and Ronaldo but in terms of leadership and to win matches by your self Ibra will edge Ron this time i guess..

  • Ronaldo is the best for the world but 'good boy' messi is favourite of blatter d'or and Fifalona

  • Ronaldo is the best for the non-ignorant eyes.

  • If I'm not mistaken, Ballon d'Or is supposed to be awarded for achievments in this calendar year. In the fifa website. fifa.com/ballondor/playeroftheyear/index.html they talk about last season they say Messi is la liga top scorer with 45 goals and Ronaldo is second with 34 but in the year calendar they have the same number of goals 20 goal for any one in the last season and now Ronaldo have 36 goals vs Messi's 28 . and in the UEFA CL they say Ronaldo is the top scorer with 12 goals and Robert Lewandowski is second with 10 but in 2013 year in the first half Lewa have 6 goals also vs Ronaldo's 6 but now Ronaldo have the upper hand with 14 goals. so i think they must do this thing. move the ballon d'or from jan to july why july the world cup the euro cup the south america cup all theys will end in july and the season in europe end in may so the world at that moment knows who is the best.

  • It's a real shame that both Ronaldo and Ibra can't be at the world cup, I'd rather see Ibra there this time, this is his last world cup where as we will see Ronaldo in Russia in 2018 without a Doubt

  • Andreas Isaksson – Mikael Lustig, Mikael Antonsson, Per Nilsson, Martin Olsson – Sebastian Larsson, Rasmus Elm, Kim Källström, Alexander Kacaniklic – Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Johan Elmande

  • Who is sturridge for Ibra so that its compulsary for ibra to know his profile? Ibra doesnt care about daily names raveled in some british daily about a player who just had a spurt of form recently , he doesnt care neither he wants to know .Zlatanism

  • Portugal 4-1 Sweden

  • so what if ibra asked who is sturridge? sturridge is an average curious talent , nothing more ... Ibra doesnt care about the schtick and pseudo-hype showers around average talent like sturridge who burst into form this season after being expelled out of chelsea.. Doesnt matter if Ibra doesnt get to brazil , he will watch on his mega-3D LED England getting knocked out in group stages or round of 16 and english media can have a day in the field for their yellow journalism and callous ways... Better stay behind than just fill-in the spot dawg , let sturridge know .

  • Sweden dont have anyone who can change things any moment apart from ibra , to some extent larrsson or elm Portugal no matter plays not so great football still can upset big wigs who have qualified already.. POR 3-0 SWE

  • Both sides are too bad to be in the finals. Good thing we'll only see one of them next summer.

  • Yes blame blatter for two average national sides having to play off. Zlatan asked who Sturridge was. He will find out while watching England on the TV in next year's world cup.

  • 4-1

  • Cant wait for this.. thanks blatter for such a shitty format that would see one of the beasts get knocked out

  • Battle of two daddies of football.

  • A sudden steep rise in sweden supporters has been noted , in reality those are messi fans lol

  • Perfect stage for Ronaldo to shine , messi fans pray as much you want Ronaldo is going to board the plane to brazil 2014

  • Portugal 6-0 Sweden

  • Portugal 2-0 Sweden

  • 1/1 ht-ft

  • I hope Sweden win this, Ibra deserves it !

  • sorry ibra... but no chance for u!

  • 1-1 will be.

  • cool crests

  • moutinho is the key

  • portugal is too strong for sweden

  • Messi fans will be praying today , number of dislikes would indicate

  • Ibrahimović with goal for victory ;d !!


  • 4-2