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  • соснули?)

  • WTF France are 80% out ...

  • it's going to be fun to see how France can cheat their way out of this one, like they did in the previous two play-offs

  • Украинцы молодцы! С победой!

  • france gonna be in a biiiiiiiig trouble

  • kambodjanec: Throw ins е тъчове,Dribbles е успешен дрибъл/пробивand Tachles е шпагати/отнемане на топката).

  • Can someone please tell me whats mean: Throw ins,Dribbles and Tachles?

  • With the way Benzema has been playing as of late, I would play him as a number 10 behind Giroud, with Nasri coming in from the right and Frank on the left, these three players have a good understanding of each other, with the target man playing up front.

  • I would not use Valbuena and Nasri together, France need more wing pace, otherwise they'll get stuck in midfield.

  • Как же хочется, чтобы судейство не помогало сегодня французам... желаю победы украинцам, они её больше заслужили

  • bystrik 35 думаешь пролетят они?

  • Судный день для хохлов

  • I think Benzema may start this game Giroud needs a rest

  • Ukraine will win ! 2-1.

  • Edmar is in the squad and most likely he will be in starting XI.

  • Which Tymoshchuk? Most likely you are wrong about the composition. Probably will not play on Tymoshchuk and Gusev. And most likely it will Rakitsky place Kucera and Devic together Gusev.