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  • hammers cant even compete with c.palace hw much mor mufc. joke

  • they had lots of injuries west ham had aswell didnt see them complaining..

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Fair play, tottenham are absolutely quality these days

  • Great win Hammers! COYI!

  • New guardiola?? Huh my a##!!!!

  • What a shame, even though it's just the League Cup...it's yet another inexplicable loss at home. Horrible stuff, we even lost Andros.

  • Spurs are a disgrace. They have a squad full of talent and they can't even manage one goal wins. Bring back Redknapp

  • Patricius Spurs cannot consider as fave since they're going through difficult moments, they sacked Vilas Boas and haven't found a replacement yet. This loss could aggravate the crisis even.

  • Spurs = The biggest joke in the league.

  • Townsend is one of the best dribblers in the premiership.