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Comments (68)

  • Ochoa was the man of yesterday match. And Felipão was terrible. With this poor performance, is better to forget our 6th Trophy this year.

  • Brazil is in serious need of a Diego Costa

  • Ochoa man of the match not Gustavo

  • @meesh u'r so right

  • Brazil should able to do more, previously they crushed the same team 3-0

  • Guardado Was All Over The Pitch! He Deserves A Higher Rating

  • Data is supplied by Opta..It is "machine"

  • @mt3 I think it is done by machine or a blind man

  • Who scores for WhoScored? A real person should score for WhoScored, who scores real-time, instead of algos scoring based on who scores (Messi, hello...)...Ochoa tho

  • @ASR If you want ratings given by humans you have plenty of portals for that. is one of them.

  • i m curious to know about the ratings. is it done by human or machine

  • @sun obviously it automated, do you think there's someone sitting there keying in stats and making up ratings?

  • @sun Guess.

  • Fred shouldn't play again for Brazil. They need someone who can make the runs.

  • Ochoa deserve more .. Change it quick or you will be punished

  • The scoring system needs reviewing basically. There is too much emphasis on attack. It needs to be easier for goalkeepers and defenders to build their score.

  • @RelentlessPressure I've seen plenty of defenders having big ratings.

  • Mexico was superb with the ball, but lack final pass. And their defense wasn't very good, besides the goalie. Brasil gonna get smashed by anyone with a decent defense in the knock-out phase.

  • Neymar 7.8 - Ochoa 8.0 Gimmie a break ...

  • Thiago Silva should be sent off for that tackle alone. Not to mention earlier ankle-breaker on Marquez with no card whatsoever. If that would be Mexican player - red card automatically. FIFA ordered officials not to fix this game openly. So they ignored Brasil's fouls, Mexico's corners.

  • ochoa got only 7.7 for saving 5 clear chances, but oscar vs croatia got 10.0 for scoring 1 goal in the 91. min. So what does a goalkeeper have to do to get a good score, make 83268327 saves and score 88 goals in one game?

  • @marin.tomic1 its not from this match only, but from a long time...whoscored is highly biased against goalkeepers...i have never seen a goalkeeper get a 9

  • Spain to face Mexico next round

  • @Boom Spain won`t make it...

  • Respect to Mexico, amazing to think they only just qualified - they look like a genuinely strong side. Neymar does not deserve such a high rating IMO, he spent most of the game running into dead-ends. Ochoa on the other hand was great, a real match-saving performance.

  • What a result it is. My prediction gets horribly wrong

  • Shame this guy wasn't refereeing the Croatia game

  • @RelentlessPressure He was also biased towards Brazil. I mean, that Silva's tackle was easily for a red card. But even if only yellow, he should be sent off anyway, cuz he should already have one yellow card for that ankle-breaker on Rafa Marquez.

  • If Ochoa is Messi he would be 10.0 now...

  • @dastyyy You all must really love Messi, all you talk about is him.

  • Brazil plays like Chelsea...

  • Ochoa deserves at least one whole grade above everybody else. For me, it is over 8.5

  • Ochoa finally looking like the keeper everyone thought he would be since 2006.

  • FM 2006. He was everyone's first buy.

  • @El_Duderino Haha and 2007. -10 potential!

  • Guillermo Ochoa best man of the pitch ! How come he is not more up in marks ? Only 7,4 ...

  • Ochoa, 7.5? Seriously?

  • @urinating Statistics have no bias... you do however.

  • @TeamCropDusters To say statistic have no bias is not true on a couple of levels. For example, the algorithm was developed by humans, and so relies on at least some opinion on which acts deserve 'points'. This means that they do have bias towards some actions, example: an average dribble appears to be worth more 'points' than an incredible save.

  • @ronaldinyo I do not think human intervention is used to ascribe "points" for specific actions. The "points" should be derived from a regression or other statistical process. However, the ratings for keepers are biased downwards and the explanatory power of the model is probably quite low.

  • Oscar on 8 tackles

  • dos santos more like un santo

  • WTF BRASIL............

  • Glad to see Ramirez get subbed..Wasn't doing much.

  • He offers too little technically. Willian, Oscar and even Neymar can match his defensive work rate, and also offer more going forward. If they want defensive stability they are best relying on someone with positional awareness who is not a chaser - Fernandinho/Hernanes would do the job for me, and I'm not too convinced by Paulinho so far.

  • @ronaldinyo, I agree Paulinho is average. And so are Fed and Luis gustavo. Not very impressed by this Brazilian side. The side that had Cafu, Roberto Carlos, Gilberto Silva, Dunga, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho was a great one.

  • @FIFARank154 brazil lacks creative players besides neymar,oscar and willian.i feel those three should be the first choice attacking midfield trio instead of hulk or ramires

  • With the substitution of fred brazil now startedvto play with x1 men

  • willian and hernanes would give the brasilians a lot of effort, pls send them in!

  • Two great saves especially neymar one

  • @sun Add the Thiago Silva header to that... wow! Great goalkeeping. (Now I can see why Ochoa was a wonderkid on Football Manager 2007!)

  • Very dissapointing performance from Brazil...Mexico technically better

  • @neumi17 the match just started....

  • Brazil looks very limited when it comes to creativity. If it wasn`t for Neymar Brazil would be an average team with no flair...

  • BTS

  • BRAZIL: Cesar; Alves, Silva, Luiz, Marcelo; Paulinho, Gustavo, Ramires; Neymar, Fred, Oscar

  • Go Mexico 1-0

  • David Luiz will score tonight.

  • I am thinking Under 2.5 goals

  • I see 0-0 in fisrt half and then referee is going to be major factor.

  • This will be an easy win for brazil as they did in confederation cup

  • @sun I doubt it. Brazil is not convincing. Mexico is solid.

  • I think this game may be a low scorer one, like 2-0...

  • @hellreaper like 0-0