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  • Woke Spain, a little late ... Villa was his most important striker Coach Del Bosque Spain the worst

  • 4 on target ... 3 goals. O.o

  • Torres ... he scores when he wants ... except when wearing a Chelsea jersey!

  • @Cornflake He doesn't score for Chelsea because he doesn't want. He's a Liverpool agent sent to destroy Chelsea.

  • @Cornflake or playing important matches..

  • @Cornflake last two cup match 0 goals...

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  • El guaje. <3

  • this match should be played on the return flight :DDD

  • @fafaq lol

  • 2-1

  • Gak usah di bahas.

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  • 1-1. Australia's soccer surprised me when I first saw them play. Spain also did; but in a bad way.

  • No team has dominated world football like spain have ! Hats off to them. All good things do come to end, but mind you spain have plenty of young talent in their bag , thanks to their academy system back home.

  • @commandozap thanks to La Masia

  • @DelJuve yh

  • Spain 2-0

  • The Aus line-up is likely to be significantly different to WhoScored's. Bresciano and Taggart won't start. Leckie will move to striker with Ben Halloran coming in on the right wing, and Bozanic may play CM rather than McKay. Also, I doubt Franjic "should be available", seeing as he's flown back to Australia.

  • Thanks Spain for the past 8 years of great football

  • @zell27 8 years !!! 2008 - 2013

  • RIP Spain

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