Probable Lineups

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Probable Lineups Statistical Comparision

(2) 2 Goals 3 (4)
(2) 1 Assists 3 (3)
(6.6) 6.8 Average Ratings 7.1 (6.9)
33.2 Average Age 30.1
184.1 Average Height (cm) 182.3
(1.1) 1.2 Shots pg 1.1 (1.1)
(45%) 51% Aerial Duel Success 47% (44%)
(0.6) 0.8 Dribbles pg 0.6 (0.6)
(2) 1.9 Tackles pg 1.8 (2)
* Values in brackets (x) are overall player statistics in World Cup grp. D.

Missing Players

Player Reason Status Rating
Gianluigi Buffon Doubtful 7
Mattia De Sciglio Doubtful 5.84
No missing players.

Team News

  • Gianluigi Buffon remains a doubt for Italy but he has trained and should be fit enough to return to face Costa Rica.
  • Mattia De Sciglio could return from injury and go straight into the starting XI, with Giorgio Chiellini thus able to slot back into the centre of defence.
  • Cesare Prandelli has expressed his desire to keep his opponents guessing in terms of his team selection, so there is little knowing what surprises he will spring for this game.
  • Ignazio Abate could come in at right-back despite Matteo Darmian's impressive performance against England.
  • Costa Rica's fantastic performance against Uruguay will have given the nation huge confidence ahead of tougher games against Italy and England.
  • Joel Campbell was the star in their last game, scoring the first and setting up the third with a sumptuous through ball.
  • They are likely to remain unchanged, again lining up in a 4-5-1 formation.


  • Italy overcame England in their opening World Cup match, but few would have expected them to be playing the team they are second to in group D in their second match.
  • Costa Rica's remarkable 3-1 win over Uruguay put them on top of the group after the first round of matches, but anything close to another positive result is probably going to be beyond them here.
  • Italy will dominate possession in their usual way, and play the patient passing game that served them so well against England. As Costa Rica sit deeper and deeper, chances will eventually come the Italians' way, but they will need to be wary of the underdogs' threat on the break.
  • Joel Campbell starred in that match, and his pace could be a threat to an Italy defence that, if it is lacking anything, it may be some degree of speed. England's goal against Italy came on the break and that could be Costa Rica's biggest hope.
  • Nonetheless, an Italy victory is extremely likely, which will all but secure them first spot in the group with a game to go.
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User Predictions

Comments (110)

  • Italians seem to lack speed and offensive creativity; huge problem when facing a goal deficit. The Spanish lesson of this World Cup is that just controlling the ball well is not good enough. It'll be tough against Uruguay and Suarez.

  • andate a casa che fate ridere!

  • Not sure why Motta started. Pre tournament friendlies mean nothing to Italy but he looked particularly poor and was ponderous again today. Marchisio should have played centrally with De Rossi and Pirlo and either Cerci or Insigne should be in in a true 433 not a 451.

  • England, Italy, Sapin and Portugal could all be going home, crazy

  • Good! Italy got their inevitable early slip up out the way without going out. Just need a draw against Uruguay, who still don't look great. Colombia will be extremely tough next round though, and Prandelli needs to find his best system. By the way people seem to be forgetting it's goal difference to settle teams on equal points, not head-to-head. Also good for Costa Rica! They could very possibly take down Ivory Coast next round and make the quarters.

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  • i still dont understand the concept of playmaker who doent defend,who doent go forward.For me refrees are better play maker

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  • Atleast some Miss Bumbum contestants would be there for the taking especially for knocked out teams.

  • Hopefully Cavani show vs cheatalians next.

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  • @mcyeoh92 agree with you completely... you forget Diaz (Mainz) who should get man of the match today...

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  • @mcyeoh92 I'd love to know why this guy isn't banned yet

  • @RGM Me too...

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  • lol England get out of here

  • Nobody wants to watch your shitty boring football italy , play that in your country only bloody cheats

  • the truth is we hate english people XD (joke)

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  • @commandozap what queen?

  • @KingSchultz we are distressing

  • No more dirty boring football from italy hopefully , it shall be the last of their drama vs uruguay.

  • Immobile > Balotelli

  • @Maestro21 Mobile > Balotelli too

  • 3 C's Costa Rica , Columbia & Chile are some serious contendors !

  • And Navas is finally getting the attention he deserves

  • How on earth Chiellini is the best Italian player? They were all awful, but he lost Ruiz when he scored.

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  • @El_Duderino Agreed. Costa Rica should've gotten a penalty with Chiellini's poor tackle on Campbell.

  • @El_Duderino It was a perfect cross and header. Sometimes you can't do anything about a goal and have to give credit to the other side.

  • Ruiz-Borges-Tejeda-Bolanos is toughest quartet to dominate.

  • I still bet on Italy vs Uruguay.

  • Uruguay and Costa Rica to the next round.

  • Imagine by the semis stage if all the previous world cup winners are out and we have 4 new contendors for the glory.

  • @commandozap Germany won`t get kicked out early, they are too fit and too focused to win that thing, so they get at least to the half finals.

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  • Pirlo 7??? F..ing Over-Rated.

  • i never seen a match like this before, and we only thanks to fifa for that. by the way, what a shame im not disappointed im desgusted about the game of italy. and also thanks to the referee, 4 mins injury time? what?and whistles doesn't playing by the last minute? not to mention the thirteen outsides including many wrong calls. plis stahp.

  • Italy trolled England :D

  • Cheatalians are almost out while 3 mules should start packing.

  • England knocked out and i think they will go home without points

  • I hate prandelli so much

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  • Costa Rica <3

  • sorry guys italy and uruguay are with same points

  • Paradoxically, this is the best result for Italy, cuz even if they'd won, they wouldn't be sure to play the knock-out round. They didn't even look like they're trying.

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  • italy GD 0 uruguay GD -1 italy and england are in same points, so italy needs a draw and uruguay needs win to qualify

  • LMAO To think people thought Costa Rica were going to be the whipping boys in this group. Forget about just making it though! They should be going for a win against England, the real whipping boys in the group, so they can top the group. They not only beat Uruguay and Italy but they outplayed them both. Italy deserved nothing more than a suntan in that match.

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  • Costa Ricas formation is awesome...their defending and counter is so good. Italy can't break them down...

  • @ASR plus Italy playing like absolute shit

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  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Sorry, but Italy plays above 40`s style football...

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  • Costa Rica will top their group

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  • Bye bye England and Italy.

  • Italy and England are going home :-)

  • @Villa spain says what?

  • @Villa Hopefully...

  • If Costa Rica make it through the group stages, it wont be because of their luck.

  • Whoscored is awesome, but ideally, there should be a way to see evolutions of the tactical formations.

  • Italians are cheats and cheats need to be punished

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  • @mcyeoh92 or maybe do themselves a favour and get knocked out.

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  • There isnt a team who plays a perfect team-game this world cup ! Costa Rica and Germans and to some extent Chile

  • thiago motta marchisio and thiago motta are shitty players, there is no quality beetwen midfield and strike

  • @KingSchultz you are shitty. If prandelli is a fool doesn't mean they are shitty players. Of course Motta is.


  • Yes ! well deserved for the better team.Italy get punished for their boring style.

  • I don't think rolling around on the ground is going to help you when you're down 1-0. Italy's in trouble.

  • beautiful cross and header

  • WTF ? No penalty ? ?

  • @neumi17 they deserved a penalty... but karma hit italy back :< #forzaitaly

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  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Maybe if Balotelli wasn't so concerned about his diving skills he could put these easy goals away

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  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Italy 5-0 CR,Call ME 神棍

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  • @dlf1992 Haha...

  • im scared of this match, italy squad has potential to arrive in semi final, but im sure they will understimate costa rica as usual like did with other teams before.. by the way FORZA AZZURI!!

  • @KingSchultz I found Italy pretty lame and doubt that they go very far. Boring and slow movement of the ball and reactive strategy. England was better the first game, but of course italy has that effectivness going for them...

  • 1-2 Navas show

  • There should be a new world cup winner this time , it would be a fitting end to most unexpected world cup in recent times.

  • I think under 2.5 is the most likely pick for this game

  • Costa Rica, in any case, understands that one victory is not enough for securing any play-off spot and Campbell&Co will do their best. The greatness of Azzuri lies on shoulders of Pirlo, Rossi and Balotelli... They're in fit but the defencive potential of Italy doesn't corresponds the desire to secure 1st spot today. Italy to win by one goal or draw (seriously). GL to both teams...

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  • Italy 2-0 CR

  • Keylor Navas - MotM, Chiellini scores 2 own goals, FT result ITA 0-3 COS. Actually I hope Costa Rica can nick a draw (sorry England, gotta go home).

  • I see C.Rica winning

  • Towards the 5th star...

  • My prediction... Narrow win for Italy. Only goal will be only scored against Navas at last 10 minutes after his superb performance in the first 80 mins.

  • Balotelli 2 goals

  • Navas at 10 mil is a steal , Atletico or Arsenal should go for this beast.

  • 2-0

  • i really hope this will be a draw.

  • I will go with 1-1 or costa rica voodoo

  • Forza Italia! Mario to score twice, but must not underestimate Costa Rica, as they showed they can give a big surprise.

  • Italy will win 3-0 (Pirlo, Marchisio, & Chiellini)

  • Italy 1 costa rica 3, same plots, italy score first via Penalty, then the costa party begin again. Cool

  • Azzurri will win 2-0 Balotelli and cassano

  • Italy wins 3-1. Go Azzurri!!

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